H. B.

UX researcher

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Experience: 7 Years
Location: Amsterdam, NL


I’m a freelance UX researcher. My mission is to make our everyday interactions friction less, so that we can focus on connecting with each other and our dreams.

I am a mixture between a psychologist and interaction designer. I have over 8 years of hands-on experience in UX research. I have gained experience at Philips, ING, and Facebook working with excellent, established design teams, as well as with organizations in the process of embedding design and/or research. I’ve worked in a variety domains: (medical) Healthcare, Assisted Living, Financial services, Consumer Electronics, and Advertisement.

I consider professional and personal life to be one and the same, and believe that I deliver my best work when I have control over the place and time at which I work. I strive to work location independent and to have meaningful interactions.

I’m intrigued by the sight of bread rising, long hikes along the Grand Route, the bitcoin/blockchain revolution, sustainable energy and housing, and foraging. I enjoy photography and occasionally take pictures for family, friends and events.

What I do:
- Expert reviews
- Study design for UX and usability testing
- Moderation of individual user test sessions and focus groups
- User requirements gathering
- Consultancy on embedding user research in agile environments

I also conduct exploratory user research resulting in customer journey maps and high-level interaction design.


UX research
01 / 2017 - 08 / 2017
UX research and training
City of Amsterdam
04 / 2016 - 12 / 2016
Usability testing intranet site designs
Philips Design
03 / 2016 - 05 / 2016
UX research into healthcare processes
Nedap healthcare
03 / 2016 - 05 / 2016
UX Researcher (web and mobile)
ING Bank Domestic Amsterdam
07 / 2014 - 02 / 2016
Usability engineer (medical devices)
Philips Eindhoven
07 / 2013 - 07 / 2014
User Experience Designer (TV and mobile)
Philips / TP Vision Eindhoven
01 / 2010 - 06 / 2013

Education / Qualifications

PDEng , User System Interaction Design
Eindhoven University of Technology
Eindhoven, 09 / 2008 - 09 / 2010
BSc & MSc , Psychology (Cognition, Media, Ergonomics)
Twente University
Enschede, 09 / 2002 - 04 / 2008


Information ArchitectureInteraction design
Project managementUser interface design
Usability testingUser Experience Consulting


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B. P.

Creative Lead & Sr. UX Designer

Mar 16th 2016
Not only is H. a joy to work with, she's also a real professional. She brings a solid work ethic, a meticulous eye for detail, and immense emotional intelligence to all her work. She's probably the best interviewer I know, and her tenacious nature (she doesn't give up) makes her a formidable ally when dealing with stakeholders.

H. is a great asset, and I highly recommend her. You're welcome.

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