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Writer, Researcher, Illustrator

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I currently have open availability, as I am able to shift work for my other clients around as needed.
Experience: 5 Years
Location: Austin, TX


I'm an interdisciplinary writer and researcher, with several years' experience developing online web content across multiple genres. With a keen eye for user experience, and a passion for communication, I constantly strive to problem solve kinks in the flow of information to build more accurate (and enjoyable) systems of interaction.

In addition to my professional experience writing, I have a robust background in academic and creative writing, as well as visual communications like brand building, design for the web, sign making, illustration, typography, and more. I currently fill my time not writing with freelancing projects around the city including art direction, brand design, and on-site event work.

If you're a part of a group that pushes boundaries and protects the people they serve, I want to be a part of what you're doing.


Freelance illustrator and graphic designer
Sign illustrator for Lone Star BeanSign illustrator and Window designer for collage, llc.Writing Tutor at Lewis & Clark College Writing Center

Education / Qualifications

Teacher of Hand-lettering Typography at Collage, llc. in Portland, OregonTeacher of Introductory Acrylic Painting at Collage, llc. in Portland, OregonTeacher of Intermediate Drawing at Collage, llc. in Portland, OregonBachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a focus in Visual Communication at Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OregonWriting Tutor CertificationContent Writer for Demand Media


Acrylic PaintingAdobe Creative SuiteAdobe PhotoshopAP Style WritingArticle WritingBlog WritingCalligraphyCaricature DrawingCartooningComic ArtComic WritingContent WritingCopywritingCreative writing
Digital paintingEditingEssay WritingFlyer DesignFont DevelopmentGIMPHTMLHumor WritingIllustrationInterviewingJournalism WritingMicrosoft PowerPointMicrosoft PublisherMicrosoft Word
Performing artsPHPPoetryPortrait PaintingRealist PaintingScreenwritingSculptureSkypeSpeech WritingTranslation English to LatinTranslation Latin to EnglishT-Shirt DesignTypography


Phi Beta Kappa Honors SocietyDepartmental Honors in Sociology & Anthropology at Lewis & Clark College


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