C. H.

UI/UX Designer, Growth Hacker, Strategist

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Experience: 8 Years
Location: Austin, TX


I help build world-class brands.

I'm a passionate product manager with a knack for getting the most out of the people I work with. I have a hard time settling for mediocrity and have a deep desire to build amazing brands. I’m continually seeking out innovative ways to help companies build awareness and buzz for their businesses. I have passion for success and an eye for design. Brands come to me when they are looking to efficiently build technological solutions to problems or simply amplify their voice and grab the attention of their customers.

As the CEO & Founder of Space Chimp, I've learned a great deal about what it takes to build successful products and create a team for success. During my tenure, I’ve had the pleasure of driving over $100 million sales for our customers and working with great companies and organizations like Quiksilver, C. Schwab, AMD, World Bank, Allrecipes, Associated Press and more. I’ve been called a lot of things, guru, mad scientist, magician, I've heard them all, but my favorite has got to be go-to-guy.


Associated PressWorld BankAllrecipesEvernote

Agencies I've Worked For

Space Chimp

Education / Qualifications

Rollins College - BA International Business


Marketing strategy
Product management
Web design
UI/UX Design


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