J. H.

Music Composer & Producer, Sound Engineer

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Experience: 8 Years
Location: Berlin, DE



I'm J. ; a music producer, composer and sound engineer with vast experience creating successful custom music, arrangements, film music, jingles, sound design for video, and spanish voice-over productions for many types of content, brands, genres, and artists.

Today I’m director of ONE TOUCH SOUND, a music and audio production studio with an amazing team of collaborators.

Here are testimonials from clients I've collaborated with in the past:

“Working with One Touch Sound was when we began to explore our musical identity as a brand, and this very much because of their team’s suggestions. The result was impeccable work and a commercial with music that represented perfectly what we were looking for.” -

Uber: J. Sebastían Cruz / Operations and logistics manager

"CPC has found in One Touch Sound a very professional and available strategic ally , committed with the best results. Several of our advertising awards we have achieved working together.” -

CPC: Carlos Laguna / VP Creative CPC

"J. is a talented and professional songwriter and producer. I look forward to working with him again.” -

Caar Lemar / Independent Artist

“One Touch Sound provided us with the high quality recording files we were expecting. Communication was very easy, it was a pleasure working with J. and his team.” -

Tombooks: Alexis Steinmann / Co-Founder of Tomplay

"Another great job completed by a talented young producer and musician. John knows perfectly what I'm looking for musically. A Latin influence music with a great fusion of styles. John reached out my expectations of what I wanted for this job.” -

Jesse Romo / Independent Artist

Services I provide include:

- Custom Music Composition
| Music for video games, Apps, Video, Web content, Series, Personalized songs |

- Advertising Music & Audio
| Custom jingles, Radio ads, TV advert music |

- Music Production Studio
| Independent artists, Backing tracks, Re-Mixes, Beats |

- Music for Film
| Soundtrack composition & background music for short & feature films |

- Recording Studio Services
| Piano recording studio, Session musicians, Podcast production |

- Sound for Video & Audio Post-Production
| Sound design for video, TV series, Commercials, Foley recording, 5.1 mixing |

- Spanish Voice-overs
| Catalogue of local voice-over talents, Voice-over production |

I have all the necessary tools, expertise, collaborators, and taste to get the job you need done and sounding amazing.

Don't hesitate to get in touch! I look forward to working with you.



Musical Director - ONE TOUCH SOUND SAS

Supervision and participation on all music-related projects handled by the company: Jingles and Advertising Audio, Audio Post-Production, Soundtrack Composition, Music Production for Artists, and others.
Music Theory and Guitar Technique Teacher - Academia Mundo de la Música

Teacher of music theory, guitar technique, and director of ensembles for a private music academy.
Audio Post Production for Films

Audio post-production for film-making. Included dialogue editing, sync, and sound design (FX libraries and Foley recording), mixing, etc.

Agencies I've Worked For


Education / Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Study of popular and academic western music history, theory, composition, and practice, coupled with a strong emphasis on music production in the studio, new technology and general sound engineering.


Audio EditingAudio EngineeringAudio MasteringAudio Mixing
Audio Post ProductionMusic ArrangementMusical compositionMusic Dubbing
Music engravingMusic ProducingMusic Orchestration


1st place in AES Recording Competition

Category: Classical



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Robert Agis

Executive Director, eAudio

Apr 15th 2018
J. is a responsible and capable producer. Worked on a very complicated project with him for my company and he did a beautiful job.

I highly recommend him.

Jesse Romo

Eventstellar Singer and Music Producer

Apr 16th 2018
John is a talented young highly skilled producer and musician. John knows perfectly what you are looking for musically talking. A Latin influence in music with a great fusion of all styles. John reach out my expectations when we worked with the rock band Eventstellar. He is opened for a good and perfect communication, has great and brilliant ideas that you won't regret it if you decide to work with him.
If you want to hear one of his jobs you can listen "Blue Horizon" from Eventstellar he was involved in the whole musical process.

J. R.

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