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Concept Art - 3D Modeling - Texturing

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Generally, to start a new project a 1-2 week notice is always really appreciated, as I am often under contract and it is rare for me to have free time : )
Experience: 4 Years
Location: Boston, MA


I am a full time game artist with a Bachelors in Fine Art and Illustration.

I am primarily involved in conceptual art, 3d modeling, and texturing.
Secondary skills include 2D Animation, 3D Animation, and UI Design.

It is an amazing opportunity to be able to craft characters/creatures/environments, and the process still excites me.
I have been involved in freelance fine art, advertising and marketing and have become quite comfortable working in teams, or on my own.
Freelancing has taught me the value of self-motivation, discipline, and consistency. But working in a studio environment allows me to share the process, and contribute to a bigger and more concerted effort. Overall I can't say that I prefer one setting over the other as I value what each offers me.

Adaptability, a consistently positive and open attitude, and curiosity are paramount values to me.


Agencies I've Worked For

Ironbelly Studios - Lead Artist
Forsaken Studios - Lead Designer
Skobbejak Studios - Concept Artist
Ignite Studios - Creative Lead

Education / Qualifications

Bachelors in Fine Arts / Illustration


2D Animation3D ModelingAdobe PhotoshopAutodesk 3D Studio Max
Autodesk MayaCharacter DesignConcept ArtistryPixologic Zbrush
Texture ArtistUnityUnreal Engine


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