M. H.

GPGPU & 3D graphics developer

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I am currently available to hire. Contact me for more information.
Experience: 3 Years
Location: Chicago, IL


GPGPU & 3D graphics/Metal developer.


2014-current: iOS independent developer and code reviewer at Udacity.2013-2014: Research Assistant at the Argonne National Lab.2008-2015: Service/system administrator, support, integration and development at University of Illinois at Chicago.

Education / Qualifications

2014: iOS developer, Bloc Inc2015-current: PhD, Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago2014: MS, Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago


3D RenderingCUDA


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E. G.

Mobile iOS App Developer

May 20th 2015
M. H. is a strong iOS Developer and Obj C Expert. I would hire him for any iOS job. He is proficient in many of the latest frameworks. I recommend M. for simple or complex iOS development projects.`

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J. J.

iOS Developer

Jun 5th 2015
M. H. is a dedicated and talented mobile developer. He is constantly growing his development knowledge-base. I would hire him for any iOS job.

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