M. L.

UI Developer / UX Designer

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Open for hire
Experience: 14 Years
Location: Detroit, MI


UI Developer / UX Designer working with modern web technologies. I have a deep passion for keeping my craft sharp along with a focused eye on aesthetics, nuances, and every little detail in-between. My niche has always been about the details, looking beyond the big picture for ways to carve out and fine tune the presentational layer. Having a razor-sharp eye for UX Design and UI Development including interactive. Lastly embracing Web Standards and Progressive Enhancement, the forgotten art that paved the way to where we are today.

(Only accepting remote opportunities including contract/freelance).

You can grab the latest copy of my resume from:

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Worked with the product team designing new ui brands along with theming via CSS, developed new features and fixed UI HTML, CSS and JavaScript issues within our Ext JS web applications. Refactored CSS, HTML and JavaScript with a DRY methodology.Worked with a team of developers building a single page application using Bootstrap, Backbone, Marionette, Underscore and jQuery. Maintained {less}, HTML templates and was tasked with cleaning up and optimizing. Created font icon libraries to replace the plethora of png files, sprite maps and unoptimized vector based icons.Was an advocate of and responsible for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript projects within the digital creative group. Tasks included developing fully functional prototypes, pro-bono projects, mentoring designers and solving UX problems. Developed and maintained Team Detroit's site and many other internal company related projects.Was responsible for Flash development on the GMPP and Goodwrench sites. Designed and developed Flash and front-end content from enterprise to brand experience sites.

Agencies I've Worked For

Team Detroit
Leo Burnett

Education / Qualifications

JavaScript Master Class - (Thomas Fuchs)CSS Summet - 2014CSS Summet - 2013


Adobe Creative SuiteAtlassian JIRABackbone.jsCSS3GitHTML5Interaction designJavaScript
jQueryLESSMac OS App DevelopmentMongoDBNode.jsRESTSassSelenium WebDriver
Sketchtwitter bootstrapUser interface designWebsite DevelopmentWebsite PrototypingInteractive PrototypingUser Experience ConsultingExpressJS
React JS


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Matt Ciampa

Senior Planner Interactive Marketing at Nissan North America

Apr 8th 2015
I have worked with M. for years. He has brought success to some big and challenging projects as a strong leader on my team. His dedication to his craft is matched only by his passion to perfect it. He's a learner with a sharp eye. Not afraid to push and innovate but wise enough to know when not to as well.

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