C. C.


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Please get in touch with any queries;

m - 07740 870579
e - info[at][you must be logged in to see this link]
edinburgh - 0131 332 0180
london - 020 7099 9707
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Experience: 20 Years
Location: Edinburgh, UK


Multiple award winning established freelance photographer with experience shooting locally and globally.
Bases in Edinburgh(UK) and London(UK).

Specialist subjects - People, Places and Corporate Photography
Starters for 10 - Radisson Hotels USA, Seychelles Tourist Board, Visit Scotland, Scotrail, Scottish Natural Heritage, Rolex, Missoni Hotels etc

With the years of experience not only have I amassed the equipment required to cope with most eventualities I am also experienced in foreseeing the unforeseen.

I am joint founder of Edinburgh's first annual Photography Festival - Retina.
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I am also co-founder of Loaded Dog - Joint collaborative project to provide fast marketing solutions from a team of experienced individual freelancers.
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Variety of corporate shoots in Morocco, Greenland, China, Chile, Brazil, USA etc for a range of clientsSince 2009 I have completed a unique annual exhibition of portraits at The Edinburgh International Book Festival. The work is photographed outside, and then hung and displayed outside the next day in a body of work that grows daily to an exhibition of over 100 images.Series of ad campaigns for Scotrail, Seychelles Tourist Board, SNH etc. I do my own retouching which helps both in liasing quickly with the clients needs and changes in brief as often happens. recently a 48 sheet campaign had to be made into a 96 sheet campaign. Fortunately anticipating as many eventualities as possible I had, on the day, shot images that could be used with this crop in addition to the original brief.Editorial work for a variety of glossy magazines.

Agencies I've Worked For

The UnionLeith Agency
etc etc

Education / Qualifications

BSc Photographic SciencesMSc Marketing


Photo Manipulation


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D. P.

Profile Writer

Sep 1st 2015
C. is a complete professional, whose creative flair, even when working under pressure to tight deadlines, has never ceased to amaze me.

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