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UX Designer - Digital Concept - Information Architect

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Experience: 5 Years
Location: Hamburg, DE


However you call it: User Experience Designer, Information Architect, Concept Developer, Digital Creative. For me it means fascination with developing digital products & online communication. That can result in interaction concepts for web- and microsites, platforms, responsive sites, native apps and even digital products.

The combination of my academic education many years of work experience in the creative digital industry and my personal passion ensures a continuous growing set of tools and methods for the world of digital communication. This results in a rich and wide variety of knowledge across all digital fields.

From art to tech, from creating to leading, from mobile to desktop, from rough to fine concepts, from idea scripts to rich presentations, from wireframes to interactive prototypes, from social media to service design, from integrated campaigns to pure digital products. Strategy focused, wireframing and prototyping professional.

In the end I am motivated to create a solid product and a valuable experience online, creating a seamless, simple, and useful interaction between a user and a product or a brand. I believe that empathy is the key to users needs.


Freelancer - Mobile Device Product for Telekom Products & InnovationFreelancer - Platform conversion for XINGFreelancer - Microsite and social media activation for Geometry GlobalFreelancer - Multiscreen and native apps for CELLULARFreelancer - Agency website relaunch for Laayer Freelancer - Blog relaunch for Melting Elements Freelancer - Platform relaunch and creative retail installation for Demodern Freelancer - Website concept and development for Bam Bam MusicEmployee - Digital Creative at Lukas Lindemann RosinskiEmployee - Digital Concept at Pixelpark Berlin Employee - Digital Project Manager at Pixelpark BerlinEmployee - Usability Lab at University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm

Agencies I've Worked For

Lukas Lindemann RosinskiDemodernPublicis Pixelpark
CELLULARTelekom Products & InnovationGeometry Global
Melting ElementsLaayerScholz & Friends

Education / Qualifications

Diploma in Information Management and Corporate Communication


Adobe PhotoshopAxureCSSHTML
Information ArchitectureInteraction designScrumUsability testing
Website PrototypingWebsite WireframingWireframingDigital Strategy
Interactive Prototyping


FWAAWWWARDSDeutscher Digital AwardADCAutovision


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