C. K.

Web Developer

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I am available to work up to 80 hours a week.
Experience: 12 Years
Location: Las Vegas, NV


Custom software development, specializing in responsive web applications built upon the Ruby on Rails framework.

Front-end responsive design for mobile and web applications, with a modern / minimalist flair.

Fufulling all your data needs, from SQL, to data visualizations, to extensive mapping and geographic representations.


Politech LLC, Founder / PartnerISIS Research Group, FounderObama for America - Nevada, Director of Technology and Development

Education / Qualifications

University of Central Florida, Bachelors of Science in Computer Science


EC2Amazon S3Amazon Web ServicesAtlassian JIRABackbone.jsBasecampCoffeeScriptCSSCSS3Custom CMSd3.jsData analysisData BackupData miningData scrapingData WarehousingDatabase Administrationdatabase managementDropbox API
E-mail marketingFacebook APIGISGitGitHubGoogle AppsGoogle Maps APIGoogle+HAMLHerokuHTMLHTML5JavaScriptjQuerymailchimpMicrosoft ExcelMySQLNetezzaNode.js
Payment Gateway IntegrationPayment ProcessingPayPal APIPHPPostgreSQLPythonRubyRuby on RailsSaaSSpreeSQLtwitter apitwitter bootstrapVerticaVisualizationWeb designWeb scrapingWebsite DevelopmentWeb Development
Web Design

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Steve Sisneros

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

May 6th 2015
I have contracted with C. and his company, Politech, a few times and they have always built high quality products that have exceeded my expectations. Not only was their work top notch, but they also completed projects faster than any other firm's timeline and at times finished ahead of their own timelines. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

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