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Web Developer

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Experience: 23 Years
Location: Las Vegas, NV


I began my computer career designing promotional flyers for my band and then moved on to print advertising and compact discs for companies such as Atlantic Records, Universal Music and Pony Canyon (Japan).

After landing a job as creative director in television production, I began building websites and dabbling in motion graphics and editing… my love for web design soon took over and I began creating websites full-T. e.

A few years later I partnered with a talented designer, so I decided to focus more on coding and less on design and began building web applications and content management systems, the first of which was for sending and tracking mass emails.

Right around the T. e the Apple TV was launched I created tagChimp: a user-contributed web service which allowed desktop and mobile applications to connect via API and upload/download meta tags and cover art for movies and TV shows. Before tagChimp was retired it was receiving over 300,000 API hits per day and had over 26,000 registered members.

I started dabbling in open source software and screencasts a few years ago and have finally figured out GitHub and have begun to contribute more frequently to the open source community, as well as shoot my mouth off on a blog... from T. e to T. e.


Created Formr: a PHP micro-framework which installs easily and helps you build, layout and validate forms quickly, painlessly, and without all the complicated, messy overhead.Created tinyTemplate: a very simple PHP template engine aimed at those who have little to no experience with PHP or PHP templates. In fact, you don't need to know a lick of PHP to use tinyTemplate; you only need to know HTML and how to copy/paste.Designed and developed dynamic and e-commerce web sites, brought in new clients and maintained relationships with existing clients, designed and built custom content management systems, maintained web servers, SEO consulting and online virtual reality photographic tours for clients including; Jackson Memorial Hospital, Harley Davidson, Universal Music, Sony Music, Bieler Bros. Records.Developed web, print, video and CD ROM media for clients including; Apple, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. Developed accompanying websites and print campaigns for syndicated television programs; Technology Today, Business Technology Week, Center Point and Living Longer, which aired on WWOR and CNBC.

Agencies I've Worked For

IKON Communications
Firewater Creative
Cheryl Andrews Marketing
Big Couch Media

Education / Qualifications

Certified Shopsite (e-commerce) Designer/developer


Adobe PhotoshopAPI DevelopmentAPI DocumentationCSS3HTML5jQuery
MySQLPHPSEO Keyword ResearchTumblrtwitter apitwitter bootstrap
User interface designWebsite PrototypingWebsite WireframingWeb DevelopmentLaravelResponsive Web Design

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Randy Burman

President/Graphic Designer at IKON Communication and Owner, IKON Communication

Nov 23rd 2015
I really don't want to recommend Tim, because he's 100% trustworthy, extremely knowledgable, hands down the best web builder I've ever worked with (and I've worked with T. now for more than 10 years), is precision oriented, works well in groups, is responsive, fast, basically everything you'd want in a web technician. He's also a great communicator and can (and has) tackled the most difficult of assignments and difficult people. And if I give T. a great reference here, he'll end up being so busy that when I call him he'll tell me he's too busy working on your project that he won't be able to work on my project. So please, look elsewhere. Try to find someone as good (you won't).

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