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Content Producer and Social Media Manager

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Experience: 10 Years
Location: London, UK


I am a Content Producer and Social Media Manager with more than fifteen years of international experience. I have worked as a journalist for companies such as Reuters and BBC World Service where I created engaging stories on a daily basis, filtering information as well as analysing data to effectively reach specific audiences.
Most recently I have been a freelancer with a strong focus on technology, writing for IDG Connect (part of the global technology media company IDG). I was responsible for the production of a series of articles about the Fintech revolution in Latin America. After a good research, the editor and I decided to focus the series in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia. I interviewed a good number of entrepreneurs and wrote the articles published then by IDG.
I have also recently finished the Social Media Marketing Associate Programme with Digital Mums, successfully running an eight weeks campaign where I have exceeded all my set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Using different tools (like Hootsuite, Pablo, Filmora and Reevio), I achieved an increase of 2,079% in Reach on Facebook and an increase of 2,969% on Twitter Impressions during my campaign. The number of engagement interactions increased significantly as well on both platforms.
The diversity of my past experiences provided me the capacity to be flexible and to adapt myself to almost any circumstance. I have worked all by myself as a freelancer, which helped me develop a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment. Nevertheless, I have had quite a long career in television, where the skill of team working is essential. Finally, I am fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and with a good level of French.


• Using different tools like Hootsuite and Filmora (video editing) for the daily management of Facebook and Twitter accounts of my client, one of London's top sport performance and physiotherapy clinic.
• Responsible for curating and creating content (videos, images and blog texts) to be used on Twitter and Facebook.
• Writer and contributor to the website IDG Connect, part of International Data Group (IDG).
• Articles focusing mainly in the Latin America Tech scene. Production of series of articles about the Fintech and the AgTech revolutions in different countries.
• Chance to interview and connect with entrepreneurs.
• Senior producer for the London's office of the leading broadcaster in Brazil, Globo TV.
• Team management, coordinating the production, editing and delivery of content on a daily basis.
• Responsible for researching, producing and editing video content.
• Developed a network of contacts with diplomatic institutions and universities based in the UK.
• Research and content analysis of projects.
• Working in a multidisciplinary team, I conducted focused interviews and analysed a significant amount of information about the project. This experience gave me a special insight on how media can be used for development and why giving people information in the developing world can help them lead better lives.
• Responsible for writing, adapting and translating with accuracy and clarity articles on international and economic issues from English into Brazilian Portuguese for BBC Brasil, part of BBC World Service.
• I suggested items and found contributors, interviewees as well as other sources of material.
• I produced and edited video content for the platform.
• Responsible for translating with accuracy and clarity articles from English into Brazilian Portuguese.
• Reporter of economic and financial news.

Education / Qualifications

Master's degree in Documentary and Media, Goldsmiths, University of London
Scholarship Awarded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office / Chevening Programme
Social Media Marketing Associate Programme with Digital Mums


Article curationArticle WritingBlog WritingContent Writing
CopywritingSocial Media MarketingTranslationTranslation English to Portuguese
Translation Portuguese to EnglishTranslation Spanish to EnglishContent Strategy


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Ana Carolina Abar

Freelance journalist and producer

Oct 8th 2018
N. is a creative, upbeat and energetic professional. All these skills were developed through her work in the field as a journalist and writer. We have worked together at different opportunities and developed a very good and close relationship with time. She has done research in a variety of themes, from gender inequality to the Fintech revolution in Latin America.

Ernani Lemos

News Editor and Producer at TV Globo

Oct 9th 2018
N. is an excellent researcher and a resourceful writer. I have known her professionally for over 15 years and she has been continuously praised among our colleagues for being open-minded and a genuine team player. We have worked together in the Broadcasting Industry, where the skill of team working is essential. N. knows how to listen to people and engage with them in a constructive manner. You can always count on her to deliver on any job in the most enthusiastic and professional way. I would absolutely recommend her as one of the best journalists I know.

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