K. D.

Front-end Web Developer

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I've always got slots in my schedule for working on small freelance projects, and can take on larger projects subject to availability. I live and work in central London, so can easily attend meetings when needed.
Experience: 8 Years
Location: London, UK


I'm a front-end web developer and the director of This Is Forge Limited, an independent web development company. We build websites for graphic designers and creative agencies who don't have the necessary in-house technical skills. We can also freelance at larger companies when they need an extra pair of hands to meet deadlines.

I would like to expand my company's client base to include more graphic designers and small creative agencies who need somebody to take charge of their web development requirements. We can either act as your technical wing for all of your web-related projects or just come on board when you have a specific project that needs completing.

Specialties: Front-end web development; responsive websites; content-managed websites; WordPress websites; Magento e-commerce websites


Web developer at Richard Chapman StudioWeb developer at Delivery of ThoughtWeb developer at Wani Creative

Agencies I've Worked For

Richard Chapman StudioDelivery of Thought
Wani CreativeFuel Creativity
Jackson DalyReactive
Digital Annexe

Education / Qualifications

First Class Film & American Studies BA (Hons) at King's College London


jQueryJQuery MobileMagento
PHPWordPressWordPress e-Commerce


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Paul Bean

Creative Director at Delivery of Thought · aka · DOT

Mar 26th 2015
I don't think recommendations can come more easily or confidently than working with K. / This is Forge.

Working with K. is always efficient, accurate and reassuring. As a design agency using K. as a development partner we are always more than happy to introduce him and let him deal directly with clients and each and every one has only ever had positive feedback.

A huge bonus is the knowledge that designs will be honoured completely, but not followed blindly and if there are enhancements to be made with adjustments viewed from a development perspective these will be put forward for discussion.

All in all, we would have no hesitation in recommending K. to anyone looking for a front-end web development partner.
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Richard Chapman

Creative Director at Richard Chapman Studio

Mar 26th 2015
We've worked with K. for over five years on a range of projects large and small.
As our design capability has evolved from simple HTML sites in 2007-8 to big-budget corporate designs with a Wordpress CMS or full-blown responsive e-commerce, K. has grown with us and expanded his offering and skill set. Put simply: he's our development partner and ongoing collaborator.
He's thorough, diligent and practical, offering helpful suggestions on making creative ideas work better. I can think of no higher recommendation for a developer.
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Guillaume RUCH

Entrepreneur, Free-spirit, Web guru.

Mar 30th 2015
K. has been an invaluable asset to our company. Not only is he fast and reliable, but he's also able to add his own input to the design and implementation process. During our collaboration, he has proven to be a driving force in the creation of our web application, as well as being able to learn new concepts and integrate them to his skillset in no time. I would definitely recommend K. for your business if I wasn't so afraid that he would become unavailable working on mine!

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