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Graphic Designer/Social Media Manager

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Friendly Graphic Designer/Social Media Manager is on a mission to #AddAnExtraStar to client's B.usiness! It is time for every B.usiness to join the #DigitalWorld & get on #SocialMedia!

I am also able to help with high-quality digital marketing material design (social media advertising images and placeholders, case studies, presentations, proposals, reports, leaflets, B.rochures, newsletters, posters).
Experience: 8 Years
Location: London, UK


Qualified Social Media Manager (#DigitalMum) & Graphic Designer with a passion for social media is looking for an opportunity to #AddAnExtraStar to your B.rand!

I am able to offer Graphic Design for your Social media: profile & cover images & video animations, post holder images, B.anners, infographics, presentations, newsletters etc.


• high quality marketing material creating service (designing, creating, amending, editing various documents - case studies, presentations, proposals, reports, leaflets, B.rochures, newsletters and posters). • deliver a targeted social media campaign
• set up and optimise social media platforms
• find and engage with key influencers
• develop content strategies to reach your target audiences
• use tools to help with time management
• use analytics to report on KPIs
• B.uild a strong personal social media profile

Education / Qualifications

Digital Mums REAL Learning Academy
Qualified Social Media Manager (#DigitalMum)
CPD Certificate
The London College UCK, Notting Hill Gate, London, UK
Graphic Design, Higher National Diploma
University of Woolwich, London, UK
Masters degree of B.usiness Administration; Qualication in General B.usiness Administration
Turiba University, Riga, Latvia
Professional B.achelor's Degree of B.usiness Administration; Qualification in B.anking Finance


Graphic design
Presentation Design
Social Media Marketing


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T. S.


Feb 24th 2016
Nice work!

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