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Audio Engineer

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Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions regarding services I provide and service quotes.
Experience: 5 Years
Location: Los Angeles, CA


I am a Audio Engineer with over 5 years experience with a Bachelors Degree in audio production. I have worked in professional recording studios, but have found it easier to work from home and maintain my own clientele. This allows me to cut the cost for services as I understand budgets can sometimes be tight. I offer competitive rates which are always negotiable depending on the projects.

The services I provide include: recording, audio editing, mixing, pre-mastering, and sound design.

I have extensive knowledge of software such as: ProTools, Logic, Reason, Ableton Live, and other DAW's.

Upon service agreement, I will include a contract to ensure my services will be delivered with satisfaction to the client and will secure client/contractor confidentiality. This is for both service protection as well as the clients.


"Island Man" (short film)
Sound Designer, Dialog/ADR Editor
July 2014
Slate Media Technology
January 2014-March 2014
Manley Laboratories
October 2013-December 2013
"Love on Harbor Boulevard" (short film)
Sound Editor/Mixer
September 2013
"I Can't Wait" - Ryan Drews, (music video)
Audio/Video Editor
June 2012
"Battle B-Boy" - Frank Lin (movie)
Sound Designer/Sound Editor
July 2012

Education / Qualifications

The Art Institute - Inland Empire
Bachelors Degree in Audio Production


Audio EditingAudio EngineeringAudio Mastering
Audio MixingAudio Post ProductionAudio Restoration
EditingMusic ArrangementMusical composition
Music Producing


Presidents Honor Roll - Class of 2014


Primary: Sound / Music

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Steven L. Hernandez

Program Director/Lead Audio Engineer at Music Changing Lives

May 18th 2015
Hardworking and professional 100% of the time.

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