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Audio Engineer - Sound Designer - Musician

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I run my own audio post production studio with clients from the US, Canada, Asia and the Middle East.
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Areas of expertise, design, and media…
· Audio Post Production · Motion pictures · Pro-Tools
· Music Production · Film, animation · logic pro
· Sound Design, foley · game audio · au/ vst/ tdm plug ins
· Audio edit · tv/ radio broadcast · mac/ pc expert
· Audio Mix, Master · television branding · adobe
· Record production · Corporate branding · ADR, VOice over
· live sound reinforcment · Campaign management · ISDN

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Skype: suntraxxmusic1
Cell: +1(310) 800 8561
Phone: +1(310) 881 9642
Experience: 16 Years
Location: Los Angeles, CA


Award-winning and hit-producing Senior Sound Engineer with 15 years of hands-on experience in the creation and production of high-quality audio designs for worldwide audiences. Proven success crafting original musical compositions and scores in a wide range of genre from inception to final mix. Expertise in music production, sound design, audio edit, mix, master, foley, ADR, and voice over work for television, film, musical artists, and video game clients. Recognized internationally for the ability to trigger a wide range of audiences due to a multi-cultural background and a broad sense of musical understanding and production styles. Collaborative communicator continually focused on building relationships and promoting synergy across global lines to drive positive change and comprehensive approaches while enhancing profitability and dramatically expanding musical audiences.

Areas of expertise, design, and media…
· Audio Post Production · Motion pictures · Pro-Tools
· Music Production · Film, animation · logic pro
· Sound Design, foley · game audio · au/ vst/ tdm plug ins
· Audio edit, mix, master · tv/ radio broadcast · mac/ pc expert
· ADR, Voice over, ISDN · television branding · adobe
· Record production · Corporate branding · patch bays
· live sound reinforcment · Campaign management · signal flow


Leverage expertise in sound design, audio post production, sound recording and editing techniques to masterfully innovate unique audio experiences for a wide musical genre and audiences. Champion the creation and delivery of high-quality audio content, music production, sound design, audio edit, mix, master, foley, ADR, and voice over work for news segments, TV shows, films, documentaries, and video games. Spearhead the launch of multiple TV stations utilizing skillful sonic branding while crafting original music compositions for individual identities from inception to final mix. Catapult musical artists to achieve international success through the tailored production, recording, and mixing of unique albums and singles in multiple genres throughout Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Co-produced a massive hit song "Ya Ghali" for a band, Guitara, in Kuwait and propelled them straight to the top of the music charts. Achieved significant airplay on mainstream radio stations throughout Dubai, Kuwait, Montreal, and Vancouver. Extensively composed over 1TB worth of completely original audio while creating and maintaining a massive library comprised of collective sounds. Inspire junior-level sound engineers to utilize their skills in order to maintain a smooth and efficient recording session through comprehensive training and mentorship to further enhance their talents.

Key Achievements:
● Negotiated and awarded a major publishing and distribution deal with BMG/Universal for a Chill Out compilation album, Lounge Sessions, that featured a variety of artists whose music I had developed and produced.
● Successfully attracted a much broader audience for a key international airline client through the sonic branding of its music theme and logo, resulting in increased profitability and an expansion in flight destinations.
● Directed the setup, management and operation of the audio post production suite for the creative service department at the Dubai Business Channel, in collaboration with one of London’s top post production houses, "Red Bee Media".
Successfully managed the quality and delivery of audio output to guarantee adherence to industry standards and enhance the audio experience. Led all audio engineering tasks including the skillful sound design, audio mixing, editing, and mastering of high volumes of promos for all six (6) network channels (MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC4, MBC Drama, and Al Arabiya) under extremely tight deadlines on a daily basis. Efficiently setup, maintained, and broke down extensive professional audio and staging equipment for various on-air news segments as the Live Sound Engineer.

Key Achievements:
● Catapulted MBC4 to become the #1 watched channel in the world, especially in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.
● Innovated a unique sonic brand, complete with original musical composition, for MBC 4's channel identity.
● Pioneered the Creative Service Department's success in the global marketplace by challenging industry standards, effectively paving the way for numerous prestigious Broadcast Media awards.
● Championed the expansion of MBC Group to include five (5) new channels that transformed the network into a global success and captured millions of viewers.
● Oversaw both artistic and technical elements of the recording session to effectively shape and optimize the acoustics.
● Successfully arranged, produced, and recorded songs and albums for emerging musical artists and bands throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe.
● Innovated original sound content for a video game prototype development team for inclusion in a new game release.
● Supervised the acoustic set up, build, and operation of three (3) fully digital recording studios.

Agencies I've Worked For

MBC TV-DubaiDubai Business Channel
Al Watan TV- KuwaitAl Rai TV- Kuwait
Fim Works- DubaiMind Loop Productions- U.K

Education / Qualifications

Full Sail University
Recording Arts Specialized Associates Degree
Millersville University
Liberal Arts and Mass Communications


3D AnimationAudio EditingAudio EngineeringAudio MasteringAudio MixingAudio Post Production
Audio RestorationFilm ProductionGuitar CompositionLogic ProMIDIMotion graphics
Musical compositionMusic ProducingSound DesignSound EffectsTV BroadcastingPro Tools


HOT SPOT: Sray Opening Title 07.07.2015

Pulsing light, geometric backgrounds and shifting perspectives make up the main titles for "Sray" on Kuwait's Al Majlis TV.

Head of Creative Department: Bader Qabazard
Creative Direction: Mohamed E. Bably
Motion Design, 3D Modelling, Animation, Rendering and Compositing: Yoshwar Saridam
Sound Design: Sunil M.
Pro Max Award Al Rai TV - Creative Service, Kuwait 2006

► Best Title Sequence "Behind Closed Doors"
► Best Editing "Road Show Promo" 
Pro Max Award MBC TV - Creative Service, Dubai Media City 2005

► Best Sound Design: "AFC Promo"
► Best Title Sequence: "Bahrain TV News Opener"
► Best Mixed Media Animation: "The Third Eye"


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