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Traveling near or far away from home in Los Angeles, CA is never a problem; finding time is the ultimate challenge but I'm always open to new collaborations.

My record is producing 25 videos in 25 days in Africa in places like Malawi and Zambia. I have also worked with American tech companies, entrepreneurs, luxury travelers and celebrity musicians. I can speak 6 languages and I have worked with 35 US Embassies and Consulates to train their diplomats and local NGO leaders to make 1-minute videos.
Experience: 10 Years
Location: Los Angeles, CA


1-minute videos produced in 24 hours are the future of native advertising, branding and legacy building. I pioneered a method and have worked in 40 countries over the last 10 years.

My goal is to fortify a brand and build a legacy for a client through video in a record amount of time. I escort a client through a brand-builder process using custom / patent-pending software (4 hours). After we agree on a narrative structure for a 1-minute video, I film and edit a story on location with interviews, sound and color correction on the same day (16 hours). I work with an international network of musicians who can produce original music in the same day in any style (4 hours).


Invented a 1-minute video production method for 24-hour video turnaround and filed a patent for custom story-telling software with USPTO1-minute videos produced in 24 hours for Condé Nast Publications, Marriott Hotels International, luxury travelers, American tech companies and celebrity musicians.35 US Embassy and Consulate collaborations on 5 continents over 10 years.Record: 25 videos produced in 25 days in Africa with US Department of State and three 1-minute videos produced in 3 days in 3 states (VA, SC, NY) for AirDye Technologies.

Education / Qualifications

Princeton University (A.B. Politics, 2004, cum laude)University of Southern California (Masters in Public Diplomacy, 2014, with Honors)


AdvertisingBrand Management
Education TechnologyFilm Direction
Music ProducingVideo editing
Video production


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Han Rhyu

Creative Director at Sens Projects

Sep 11th 2015
C. is a real creative pro. Smart, cosmopolitan and astute. He is fast, efficient and always delivers. C. strives to always deliver the highest quality work possible with passion.

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