I. S.

Directing, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Audio Production and Visual Design

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Contact me for more information about my current availability. I'm constantly working on new projects and am happy to hear about your goals to see if we are a good fit.
Experience: 16 Years
Location: Los Angeles, CA


I'm an artist who works full time for brands of all sizes in the realm of Creative Direction. I specialize in Directing, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Music Production and Visual Design. My process follows a very simple format, allowing for a collaboration with my clients. As a full time creative, I've worked for major motion picture studios, fortune 500 companies and international business.


Manager of Video Production at j2 Global
- Winner of 4 Telly Awards for outstanding Video, Design and Music
- Manages all stages of video production for over a dozen leading business brands
- Hands on Editing, Motion Graphics, Audio Mixing and Mastering and Encoding
Front End Developer, CyberDefender Antivirus
- Lead Front End developer for Cyberdefender Web Development
Web Producer, Sony Pictures
- 2 W3C Awards for outstanding websites for advertising and marketing
- Creator of "Just Launched," an episodic video show for Sony Pictures Television
- Lead Producer of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! HD Seasons
- Produced first ever CD-ROM projects for Sony Pictures Digital

Agencies I've Worked For

C Productions
Scientists of Imagination

Education / Qualifications

Syracuse University Cum Laude
Major: BFA Printmaking
Minor: Theater
Golden Key National Honors Society
Syracuse University Playwright Scholarship Award
Member of ASCAP


Art DirectionGraphic design
Motion graphicsMusic Producing
Video editingWeb design
Creative Direction


Telly Award for "What Does The Fax Say"
Brand Identity
Motion Graphics, Editing, Music, Sound
Telly Award for "What Does The Fax Say"
Original Music
Telly Award for Broadcast Spot "Transforming Business"
Motion Graphics, Music, FX, Editing
Telly Award for Broadcast Spot "Your Mobile Phone at Work"
Motion Graphics, Music, FX, Editing
W3C [you must be logged in to see this link] - Outstanding website for advertising and marketingW3C [you must be logged in to see this link] - Outstanding website for advertising and marketing


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Robbie Hyman

Copywriter at j2

Mar 4th 2016
I’ve worked with I. on over a dozen motion graphics pieces and each one is better than the last. He always does my scripts justice and then some. I. is easy to collaborate with and his work speaks for itself. Whether he is tackling a product demonstration or a showcase video, Ian’s attention to detail and visual storytelling are superb.

Taylor Grant

j2 Global

Mar 6th 2016
As a start-up publishing company, we were in need of a powerful video that would stand out amidst the competition for the launch our new comic book series: Evil Jester Presents. I. immediately “got it.” He was a consummate professional from the moment we started working on the project. He storyboarded a fantastic and highly creative spot. To our delight, not only was his storytelling and Motion Graphics spot on, but with his music and sound exceeded all of our expectations. The feedback we received on the video was overwhelmingly positive, and we’re convinced that his work was instrumental in the project’s success. As far as I’m concerned, there is no one else I am interested in working with for our videos—I. has spoiled us for life.

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