D. T.

Commercial Photographer D. T.

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Experience: 18 Years
Location: Los Angeles, CA


I specialize in extremely high quality product photography, lifestyle ad images and fashion photography.

I am based in downtown Los Angeles, with an 1,800 square foot studio and a dedicated makeup artist / stylist.

My career dates many years and many hundreds of successful projects. Each client, each project is met with enthusiasm and anticipation that is tempered with experience and wisdom.


F-Sequence Studio (formerly D. T. Photography) 1998-Present

Agencies I've Worked For

F-Sequence Studio


Photo EditingPhotography
PhotoScapePhotography Post Production
Photography Retouching


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Larissa Zozula

Life Coach at Larissa Zozula

Aug 5th 2016
Deacon's professionalism, attention to detail, knowledge and years perfecting his craft show in every aspect of the F Sequence experience. From the initial communications to the final product, you won't be disappointed. D. raises the bar!

Coral Coolahan

Cool Photography

Aug 5th 2016
I attended 2 workshops at Deacons's studio in Las Vegas. Not only is he an outstanding instructor he is a great photographer. I haven't met a lot of photographers who are as willing to help and encourage other photographers to become better at their craft as D. is.

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