C. O.

UX Designer, Content Creator

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I am available for part time or full time freelance work. I'm also available to relocate or travel.
Experience: 1 Year
Location: Los Angeles, CA


I am a uniquely qualified UX writer and designer, not just because I’ve spent 20 years working as a broadcast video professional with high-end clients like Disney, Starz and VH1, but as a naturally empathetic person, I have a deep understanding of users.

My experience as a designer is complimented by my skills as a copywriter and content strategist, my talent creating storyboards and wireframes, as well as my ability to test prototypes. But what I believe makes me a great UX designer is my curiosity, my joy at working in a team environment and my eagerness to jump into a project with confidence.

As a recent graduate of a UX design bootcamp, growing my skills with a company that focuses on a user centric process would be an honor, I hope you will consider my work and resume for your present career openings.


UX Designer
Completed projects for UXDesign lab capstones performing research, wireframing, prototype testing
Digital Story Teller, 20 years
Working with clients, creating scripts, editing video
Co-owner, app design

Education / Qualifications

UCLA Extension
Creative Writing
CU Boulder
Bachelor Degree
International Relations, minor Film
Comedy Sketch writing
Improv Comedy
Improv Trick
Improv Comedy


Adobe Premiere ProArticle WritingAvidBlog Writing
Content WritingSketchUpHumor WritingScripting
Travel WritingTV BroadcastingVideo Post Editing


Promax Silver Award, launch of Jake and the Neverland Pirates


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