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Don't hesitate to contact me for more information and about my current availability.
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Thanks S. W.
Experience: 5 Years
Location: Melbourne, AU


Hi Guys,

Hope all is going well,

Im a victorian music composer, from Melbourne Australia:

I have loved music since I can remember. I’d mix up tracks on an old cassette recorder and DJ at parties when I was 12. I learned to play the guitar and went on to perform and record with bands - I was destined to make a career of it.

I graduated from the Australian Institute of Music in 1992 where I majored in guitar and music composition. I’ve also taught music privately and in schools for years.

In 2012 I formed Liberty Music Design, creating music for film, documentaries, TV and content. I have produced tracks for commercial use for Bupa, Deakin Uni, BHP, Bank of Melbourne and many others and scored short films and documentaries.

I was shortlisted for the APRA Trop-score film festival in 2012 and in 2013 was the winner of The Melbourne Music Bank.

Music plays a significant role in film, providing the emotional guidance and taking the viewer on a journey. This is what I do – marry music with film to great effect.


2015 Bupa Family TVC, Commercial, Big Red, Australia,
Music Composer
2015 Horner 40 Years Corporate, Factual / Documentary, 2.50mins, Fearless, Australia,
Music Composer

2014 ARTC Rail Corporate, Educational, 2.5mins, 50 Kaliber Films, Australia,
Music Composer
2013-2014 Go Fish Short, Drama, 14mins, Kristin Sargent, Australia, Composer Head of Department: Kristin Sargent2013 Bank Of Melbourne Incentive Saver TVC, Animation, 0.35mins, Ogivy Mather, Australia,
2013-2014 Finn Stein (Int) Short, Drama, 17mins, Aberrant Films, USA, Head of Department: Sky Tallone
Music Composer
2014 Bupa Quick Start TVC, Commercial, .5mins, Big Red, Australia, Music Composer2014 Deakin Immersion Online, Educational, .20mins, Rapp1 DDB, Australia,
Music Composer
2013-2014 Where The Witches and Wizards Live Short, Drama, 18mins, Shaun Goodhue, Australia,
Music Composer
Director: Shaun Goodhue

Agencies I've Worked For

Big redOgivy Mather
50 Kaliber FilmsFearless
Rapp1 DDBLeo Burnett

Education / Qualifications

Australian Institute of Music
Ass Dip Music guitar major and composition.
(3 years )
BTec City and Guilds Electronics


Guitar CompositionMusic Arrangement
Musical compositionMusic Producing
Piano CompositionSound Design


Shortlisted for there APRA Tropfest 2012
The Return of the Other
2013 Melbourne MusicBank Composing Competition,
Melbourne MusicBank Winner 2013,


Primary: Sound / Music

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