N. J.

UI/UX Designer

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Experience: 3 Years
Location: Melbourne, AU


I am a freelance UI/UX designer with a strong understanding of mediums used to execute UI and UX designs.


UI / UX Designer (January 2017 –June 2017)
Invana 3d printing (Local business)
 Online marketing co-coordinator
 Scrum development cycle leader
 Quality assurance tester
 Designing high fidelity mock ups for client(s)
 Reiterating interfaces based on client feedback and user feedback
 Disability and user access specialist (Colorblindness, Iconography, accessibility)
 A/B tester
UI/UX Designer (June 2017 - December 2017) House of Cards

 Executed current UI / UX Knowledge to deliver on client’s specifications
 Created and tested use journey maps
 Maintained daily communication with client(s) to ensure content produced was to the client’s standards and expectations.
 QA Tester
 High / low fidelity wire frame producer
 Journey map creator
 Analyzed data from UX testing and adapted design(s) accordingly

Education / Qualifications

Bachelor of Multimedia – Major in marketing (January 2013 - June 2017)

Graduated University with a grade point average of six


Adobe After EffectsAdobe Creative Suite
Adobe IllustratorAdobe Photoshop
SQL Azure


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