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Experience: 25 Years
Location: Minneapolis, MN


Energetic, versatile director/producer with 20+ years experience in all aspects of film and video production and proven track record of consistently resourceful film productions for clients. Exceptional creative insight and direction skills combined with proven ability to use video to drive marketing strategy. Production knowledge and skill level enables turnkey film/video productions from creative to the final edit.


Experienced in all aspects of film and video creation and production.Storyboard work for tv commercials and local films as well as tv pilots. Illustration talent used with idea development and focus group ideation.Art Director and Creative Director for several agencies giving me a better understand of the needs of a advertising company and their customers.Clients include 3M, Egroup, CBRE, Arundel Street Consulting, Carlson Family Foundation, GCGage Advertising, Ron McCoy Productions and Pelican BioThermal.

Agencies I've Worked For

Campbell MithunGrey
Henderson AdvertisingCarlson Marketing Group
Lacek Group

Education / Qualifications

Minneapolis College Of Art And Design / BFAAICP MemberMNFilmTV Member


CinematographyFilm Direction
Film ProductionPhoto Editing
Video editing


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Jill Cihlar

Pinnacle Services

Aug 10th 2015
B. has designed for Pinnacle Services for many years and has consistently been outstanding to work with. He is able to take a vision and transform it into marketing materials which are not only beautiful, but functional. We are fortunate to have him as part of our team.

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