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Webmaster and Designer

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I am available for freelance work.
Experience: 24 Years
Location: Milwaukee, WI


Responsive Website Design...

Eaglewing Enterprises Web Design Services provides small business and non-profit organizations with affordable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate internet solutions. The sites that we design are compatible with multiple browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions, internet connection speeds and mobile applications. Certified XHTML, HTML5 and CSS3 standards are used and the latest technologies are incorporated into our web development. Every website that we design is Hand-Coded, Fully Responsive, Securely Encrypted and W3C Compliant. Most important, our websites get results — using meta tag optimization that produces top search engine positioning, reciprocal linking and other internet and print media marketing strategies.


Web Design and Mastering
~ Eaglewing Enterprises - freelance since 2000
Certified XHTML, HTML5, DHTML, XML, CSS3, PHP, SWF, JS and CGI; familiar with MS Access, ASP, ColdFusion. Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash; Swish; Adobe GoLive and Atmosphere; Microsoft FrontPage; Notepad++.
Video Production and Post-Production Editing
~ Eaglewing Enterprises - freelance since 1995
~ WSAW TV7 - Wausau, WI ~ 2002-2003
[Shooter, Editor and Associate Producer]
TV field news photography and editing [BetacamSP, DVCpro and ¾"]; Teleprompter; Linear and non-linear digital editing; Programs: Premiere 6.1 and DVedit [Windows platform]; Panasonic Linear Editing System; 3D graphic design; remote production set-up and operation; special events; promotional ads [network and cable]; script writing; storyboard; cable programming; building and servicing client base; promotion of independent business.
Master Control Operations
~ WLUC TV6 - Negaunee, MI ~ 1994-1998
[Master Control Operator]
~ KWBI TV41 - Morrison, CO ~ 1988-1992
[Master Control Operator - Traffic Clerk]
Prime-time air operations; BetacamSP, ¾", SVHS, 2" cart and CD-ROM; Avid & Leitch on-air broadcast servers [MAC and Windows NT platforms]; operation and minor maintenance of AV equipment; FCC readings [vectorscope and waveform monitors]; digitizing and segmenting video; computerized preparation of daily FCC logs and updating of database; assisted with semi-annual telethons and other studio and remote productions [camera-CG-VTR].
Digital Cable, HSI and Telephony Installation and Sales
~ Broadband Solutions, LLC - Green Bay, WI ~ 2007-2009
[Install Technician]
Cable, HSI and Telephony installation, interior and exterior rewire, hardware and software provisioning, rsvp and wavetech meters [for power-CN-ingress].
~ Delphi Cable Communications, LLC - Marshfield, WI ~ 2003-2005
[Independent Contractor]
Digital cable, HSI and Telephony sales and customer service.
~ Superior Communication Specialists - Escanaba, MI ~ 2001-2002
[Install Technician-Project Manager]
Cable and modem installation, interior and exterior rewire, hardware and software provisioning, rsvp and wavetech meters [for power-CN-ingress] hiring and training, intranet network installation; PC networking.
~ Tri-State Communications – Eau Claire, WI ~ 2010-2011
[Independent Contractor]
Digital cable, HSI and Telephony sales and customer service.
Management and Client Services
~ TruGreen – Appleton, WI ~ 2013
[Residential Sales Representative]
~ West Business Solutions, LLC - Wausau, WI ~ 2011-2012
[Sales Associate – AMEX Open]
~ Elaine Friedman Marketing Services, Inc. - Westminster, CO ~ 1989
[Field Operations Manager]
~ Colorado Market Research – Denver , CO ~ 1984-1985
[Mall Supervisor]
~ Maritz Market Research - Lakewood, CA ~ 1983-1984
[Assistant Mall Supervisor]
Hiring, staffing and coordinating field, mall and phone projects, and focus groups; Simulated Sales Testing [SST]; Behavioral Attitude Studies; executive and medical studies; training; assembling and presentation of reports to clients on a daily basis; payroll and light bookkeeping; Mystery Shopping; Retail Merchandising.

Agencies I've Worked For

Eaglewing Enterprises

Education / Qualifications

Jones NCTI - VOIP Telephony Honorary DegreeLong Beach City College - Audio Engineering (major) TV Production (minor)


Graphic design
Video editing
Web design
Responsive Web Design


Great West Life Assurance - Second Miler Award

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