M. B.

Copywriter/Content Marketer/Marketing Consultant

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Experience: 25 Years
Location: Minneapolis, MN


People turn to me when they need help explaining the value of new, complex or expensive products or services. This often, but not always, means B-to-B work, including:

* IT
* Financial services
* Healthcare
* Law
* Manufacturing
* Public policy/government

I worked at some great newspapers before getting my MBA in marketing. So I can grasp challenging subjects but reduce them to simple -- but not simplified -- terminology.

I'm creative, quick, productive and fun to work with. What's not to like?!


Current and former clients: Ameriprise, BBVA, B.F. Edwards & Sons, Canon, Children's National, EMC, Fidelity, infobip, Johns Hopkins University Schools of Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Business and Tech Transfer, Metalogix, Mitel, RBC Wealth Management, Stanford Health Care, Talon Innovations Corp., Thomson Reuters, VCE and VMware.

Agencies I've Worked For

The Hired Pens
CGI Interactions
King Fish Media

Education / Qualifications

MBA, Marketing, Carlson School of ManagementJD, St. Louis UniversityBS, Political Science, University of Michigan


AdvertisingB2B MarketingBrand ConsultingContent WritingCopy editingCopywriting
ebook WritingEditingEditorial WritingE-mail marketingInbound marketingInternet Marketing
Marketing strategySocial Media MarketingSpeech WritingWhite Paper WritingContent StrategyBranding


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Michele Campbell

Account Director at Marketing By Design LLC

Apr 22nd 2016
M. is an excellent writer, but he's much more than that. A strategic thinker in tune with client goals and always writing with the reader in mind, M. provides perspective and content that’s valuable to all stakeholders. I had the pleasure of working with him on several IT and financial services client projects, and his thought process, needs analysis, and tactical execution of content were all top-notch.

As if that weren't enough, M. is great to work with. He's committed, smart, and always calm, even when met with seemingly impossible tasks. His dedication to quality and his sense of humor made my job a lot easier and more enjoyable. Plus our clients raved about his work.

CGI Interactive

cgi interactive

Apr 25th 2016
I've recently completed a series of solution videos and eBooks for one of our technology clients. M. was very helpful during the writing phase as we worked through various formats and topics for the series. M. is always responsive and attentive, while his writing is extremely thorough and fast! And, he isn't afraid to ask tough questions to make sure the goals are satisfied. I look forward to working with him again. ~ Gwen Ackley, Creative Director, CGI I. Communications.
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D. O.


Apr 26th 2016
M. has been our go-to guy for several high-profile projects. The top 3 things I like about him:
1) He's very thorough in his approach. He digs deeply into topics and asks probing questions that sometimes steer projects in interesting new directions.
2) He's able to understand complex topics (e.g. IT, financial services) and then write copy that actually makes sense -- and is suited for the client's target audience.
3) He consistently goes above and beyond for clients and never complains about, say, doing out-of-scope work. He's really committed to getting it right.
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Shahar Attias

iGaming Professional

Apr 29th 2016
M. is far more than a copywriter – he’s really more like a freelance marketing director. I’ve relied on him to help me promote my complex consulting business, and he’s been fantastic. His writing is superb, but more than that he's consistently found ways to make complicated topics clear and funny and engaging. Honestly, I can't really imagine where my blog would have been without his guidance... He often suggests new angles for my marketing pieces and catches mistakes in not just grammar, but mathematical calculations. Yeah - he is that good! If you’re looking for someone to help with PR, email, websites, ads, blogs, speeches, videos, etc., M. is your man. He’s the best.

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