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Experience: 15 Years
Location: Minneapolis, MN


People pay thousands of dollars to draw eyes to their web pages, but that's only half the battle. When you get that reader's valuable attention, do you have the right words to hold their interest and steer them to the desired decision? An unclear, uncompelling message is a wasted opportunity.

As a copywriter with more than fifteen years of experience, I know how to transform site visitors into interested readers, and interested readers into returning visitors, leads and customers.

I've lent a confident, informed voice to businesses throughout the U.S., creating web pages, blog posts, articles, public profiles, slideshows and other materials that capture reader interest and get results. My diverse writing experience also includes fiction, news articles, humor pieces, restaurant reviews, recipes, pet name lists, poems and much more.

I understand the importance of knowing your audience. Whether a piece calls for thoughtful and sophisticated or sharp and punchy, I craft content that informs, influences and sells.


2008 - 2015: FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters Business, Eagan, MN
Content Marketer/Copywriter 2
• Conducted hundreds of interviews with lawyers from across the U.S. Wrote custom website content tailored to the goals of clients and the needs of legal consumers.
• Earned recognition for content quality, including six Draft of the Week awards and praise from clients and internal team members and managers. In 2014, achieved the highest customer satisfaction average (8.91 out of 10) among Custom Content writers receiving at least 20 surveys.
• Mentored five new writers, including contractors and writers from other teams blending into the Custom Content Team.
• Trained new writers on the Writing & Editing Tool/Publisher.
2015 – 2016: FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters Business, Eagan, MN
Content Strategist
• Developed comprehensive online content strategies for law firms. Wrote and coordinated website marketing content, blogs, articles, Google/Moz/Yext profiles, Slideshare presentations and more into a unified content strategy.
• Promoted law firm blogs and marketing materials on Facebook, finely tuning message and targeting to offer client maximum return on ad spend.
• Worked with digital marketing professionals, client development consultants and other team members to develop effective strategies for client websites.
• Crafted user-facing touchpoints and worked closely with web designers to enhance the site visitor’s experience.
• Served as member of the Standards & Practices Committee (SPC). Former member of the Best Practices Committee. Created guidelines on the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Statistics for the SPC.

Education / Qualifications

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Concentration: English
Circle in the Square Theater School, New York City


AP Style WritingB2B Marketing
Copy editingCopywriting
Facebook MarketingMarketing


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Jenna Tomlinson

Doula at Everyday Miracles

Jun 8th 2018
S. has edited my reports for several years now and has always done a fantastic job. He's very flexible and always gets projects done on a quick turnaround. He's very meticulous with editing and a great sounding board for content clarity. He's also just a plain fantastic writer and knows how to write for any audience. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs content created or edited.

Marie Grace

LMFT at Skipped Parts, LLC

Jun 10th 2018
S. N. and I worked on some creative projects together. I found him to be inovative, creative and easy to collaborate with. I would definitely work with him again!

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