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Experience: 20 Years
Location: Montreal, QC


Veteran, I worked in video game industry since more than 20 years as a lead game designer. These last 6 years, I developed my expertise on social gaming, gamification, wearable technology, UI and UX.

I also has a artist background and have a chance to publish my comic few year ago at Glénat Québec. I work with traditional media such as watercolor or colored pencil and of course digital media.


Dungeon Hunter V -Gameloft - IOS - I developed the social aspect of the game such as Clan featureGangstar Vegas -Gameloft - IOS - I worked on the pre-production and social gaming mechanicsMonster Life -Gameloft - IOS - I developed the game mechanicsMighty Cast - I developed a transmedia project including books, IOS game and wearable technologiesWoozworld - I worked on the port from Web version to Mobile including UI and UXJurassic Park Builder - Ludia - IOS - I developed the game mechanics of the appHole in the wall - Ludia - Kinect - I developed the game mechanicsEnfamil - Experience 7 - I storyboarded the adLe territoire des Ombres - Glénat Québec - Comics - I draw the comic in traditional media only (watercolor)

Agencies I've Worked For

Expérience 7Gameloft
LudiaEA Mobile
UbisoftMistic Software

Education / Qualifications

Ecole Superieure Des Arts Appliqués Duperré
Figural narrative art, Arts, photo, sculpture, design, comic, story board...


Adobe PhotoshopAtlassian JIRAAxure
Comic ArtIllustrationiPhone UI Design
Watercolor Painting


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