E. G.

Mobile iOS App Developer

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Experience: 3 Years
Location: New York City, NY


iOS App Development in Swift. Mobile Consulting.
Mobile Consultant
UX Designer
Software Engineer
iOS Mentor at Thinkful

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SlipShare (Boating/Yachting iOS App)AgQuant (Commodities Trading App)Bizmus (Music Business App)Thinkful - iOS Engineering MentorBlack Diamond Capital - Software Developer

Education / Qualifications

Boston University


iOS DevelopmentiPad App Development
iPhone App DevelopmentMobile App Development
User interface designUser Experience Consulting
App Design


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M. H.

GPGPU & 3D graphics developer

May 20th 2015
I know E. since 2014. He is a great iOS developer and a Swift expert. He knows all the commonly used frameworks and libraries. He is a also great mentor, teacher and a top professional. I recommend E. for simple or complex iOS development projects.
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Zachary Fiifi Hussein

Product Development Engineer (iOS)

May 21st 2015
Eric’s sophisticated grasp of Swift, combined with an innate feel for UI/UX design and a warm, personal approach to his work is one to be admired and commended in terms of iOS Application Development.

He has experience in several categories of iOS mobile applications development including financial applications which brings to fore the in-depth knowledge he has on encryption and application security.

Eric’s dedicated and professional yet intimate approach to managing clients and mentees is also worth mentioning. So far he has proven to be one of the seasoned iOS Developers I have personally come across and built a relationship with.

I would confidently recommend him to anyone who seeks to hire someone with the skills he has.
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David Lam

iOS Developer at Best Practice Pte Ltd

May 21st 2015
I've known E. since 2014. From our constant interactions, it is clear that his knowledge of Swift and the iOS is second to few. Most strikingly, he's an exceptionally sharp and earnest. Amongst all developers I had collaborated with one way or another, E. was definitely one of the best communicators. And that saves more hours than one can imagine.

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