A. K.

Industrial Designer

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Experience: 1 Year
Location: New York City, NY


Other than product design work, I focus on behavioral design, logo design, painting, ceramics, drawing and experimental film/video. I also work on digital art from time to time. When I experiment with new materials and methods, sustainable practices are definitely a main focus. Currently I am researching new sustainable and biodegradable materials that can be casted.


Can Yalman Design-IstanbulIsmet Dogan Art Studio

Education / Qualifications

Pratt Institute Industrial Design


2D Design3D Design3D Modeling3D PrintingAdobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignAdobe Photoshop
Google searchSketchUpInternet researchLogo DesignMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft PowerPointMicrosoft Word
MoodlePreziSculptingSolidWorksTranslation English to TurkishTranslation Turkish to EnglishTurkish
Industrial Design


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