R. L.

UX Designer

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The long-term project I've been working on is coming to an end. I am free for new gigs; keeping in mind that I will need to give 2 weeks notice at my current job.
Experience: 4 Years
Location: New York City, NY


I'm always making something, from clean, responsive websites to colorful oil paintings to halloween costumes for me and my dog. I have a sharp eye for color and composition and a talent for distilling complex information into the essentials. On any project, I start with the big picture and work to the specific, making sure there is a strong, organized structure before developing the details.


Current: Lead UX Designer, Plenti (a division of American Express)Project: Citi Bike Expansion Microsite (with Simultaneous.ly)Project: Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge (with Simultaneous.ly)UX & Visual Design freelance work for DeSantis Breindel, Simultaneous.ly, and Cloudred

Agencies I've Worked For

DeSantis Breindel (Freelance)
Cloudred (Freelance)

Education / Qualifications

MFA, Painting, Indiana University 2007BA, Political Science & BFA, Painting, Tufts University 2001


Adobe Creative SuiteCSS3
HTML5Interaction design
UI/UX Design


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