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Experience: 30 Years
Location: New York City, NY


CXC makes women feel beautiful, confident, and cared-for, so naturally they come out looking spectacular. Oh sure, we shoot men, children, stuff, and nonsense too, but we really excel at women. Particularly "women of a certain age." Being of age ourselves, and married to and raising a couple of little women really helps us achieve our goals. A recent author we photographed inscribed her book, "To Chris, who makes the world more beautiful. Thanks, XO, B" I think that about covers it.


Shot features and covers for many national magazines, including but not limited to: SPIN, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Premiere, Newsweek, Inc, Forbes, Businessweek, Vogue, Elle, Health, Parenting, Parents, etc...Directed three Shakespearean Sonnet videos for the Sonnet Project NYC, part of Shakespeare Exchange, and organization dedicated to bringing the works of the Bard to the masses.Production Managed feature film Courier X, starring Udo Kier and James C. Burns. But I can still shoot video, stills, or headshots for you!I adore women, especially those of a certain age. Even those who claim to be camera-shy. I will begin by putting you at ease, listening and determining your best features. Then we actually have fun during the shoot, which is how I get those pictures you see on the portfolio page of people laughing, having fun, and looking terrific.

Agencies I've Worked For

Draft/FCB Healthcare
Ogilvy and Mather

Education / Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts, Sarah Lawrence CollegePhotographed Charlie Watts for Rolling Stone. Forgot the light meter. This was pre-digital, so we guessed the exposure, crossed our fingers and prayed. Nailed it!Recent inscription from an author I photographed for Regan Books: To C... who makes the world more beautiful. Thanks, B!Here's another inscription from A Series of Catastrophes and Miracles, by Mary Elizabeth Williams: I (heart) you and your awesome photos, Love MBW!


Portrait Painting


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D. G.

Award-winning Designer for print and web

Jun 16th 2016
Chris is an outstanding talent and an absolute pleasure to work with. His portraits are not only stunning visually; they also capture the unique personality of each subject and project them beyond the limits of two-dimensional media. Truly extraordinary work.

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