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Marketing & CRM/Database Consulting

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Experience: 7 Years
Location: New York City, NY


A passionate data evangelist, experienced with digital transformation I employ strategies that empower companies focused on revolutionizing the way they use data and technology to grow. Known for innovation in product development, winning go to market strategy, and performance based marketing my most recent contributions resulted in a successful transformation of a publishing business from print to digital with a core focus on database marketing, data driven advertising products, and digital marketing transformation.

I founded and launched my consulting firm in 2018 to help business leaders struggling as I did to implement meaningful change in businesses where challenges in digital marketing, data strategy, and information technology create an impasse for growth.

I deliver ongoing value to clients through marketing strategy and execution, data empowerment through cloud based big data platforms, predictive modeling and business intelligence, and strategic planning.


Data Driven Marketing Consulting - Wiley Publishing: Created strategy, data models, and deliverables for database strategy to enable product marketing. Spun up big data environment, integrated senior analyst for research, analytics, and modeling, and created BI dashboards. Also, processed customer files for data quality and 3rd party data enrichment. Data Driven Marketing Consulting - Bain Consulting: Helped consult Bain on landscape for people based marketing including CRM marketing, tools, and capabilities. Go to Market Consulting - Smith Entertainment Group: Came up with go to market strategy for events planning and artist management company. This included website development, brand development, product development, business consulting, and operational improvement. Email Marketing Creative - OnCourse Learning: Ongoing email development including copywriting and creative development.

Agencies I've Worked For

Acxiom Impact - ESP & Creative Agency

Education / Qualifications

University of Florida - Bachelors/Business Administration


AdvertisingBusiness AnalysisBusiness CoachingBusiness DevelopmentBusiness intelligenceBusiness IT AlignmentBusiness Modeling
Business PlanningCRMDatabase ModelingEvent ManagementEvent planningMarketing strategyOutbound Sales
Product DevelopmentProduct managementContent StrategyProduct and Services PricingMarketingSales ManagementSales Process
Marketing Consulting


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