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motion and visual designer

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Experience: 17 Years
Location: Portland, OR


I am a multi-disciplinary designer whose expertise span from motion, print, branding, to UI design. I have over 17 years experience working for agencies and design studios as creative director or visual designer. In 2001 I initiated Duro, a collective studio that foster collaborative design process spanning from motion graphics, 3d animation, infographics to print design, branding, and UI design. Our core strengths are the ability translating complex messages to something meaningful, easily consumable by your audience, and making relevant design upgrade that would elevate your brand to the next level. Let us help you in creating your future.


Dynamix - part of Sierra On Line - Eugnene,OR
Role: 3d designer and visual artist.
Year: 1995-1997
The Attik - San Francisco, CA
Role: motion graphics designer
Year: 1998-2000
Superfad - creative studio - Seattle, WA
Role: senior motion designer
Year: 2000-2001
Downstream - creative agency - Portland, OR
Role: Design director for video and motion design
Year: 2001-2011
Ascentium - creative agency - Portland, OR
Role: Creative director for video and motion design
Year: 2011-2013
SMITH - creative agency - Portland, OR
Role: Creative director for video and motion design
Year: 2012-2014

Agencies I've Worked For

Dynamix, Sierra On lineThe AttikSuperfad
Liquid agencyYeager Marketing

Education / Qualifications

University of Oregon, B.S. in Graphic designSavannah College of Art and Design, M.A. in Computer arts


3D Animation3D Design
Graphic designMotion graphics
StoryboardingUser interface design


2012 Won 2 W3 Silver Awards for Xerox solid Ink video for Visual Effects and motion graphics2010 Won first place in Demo reel showcase, AEPDX2009 Won ADDY award for the Numonyx brand video produced at Downstream2008 Received the first prize for FOX SPORTS design ID branding competition


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