S. S.

Developer and Consultant

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Full time freelance. Always busy, but always looking to discuss a new project.
Experience: 11 Years
Location: Portland, OR


I'm an agile developer based on Albany OR (Portland is the closest available choice). I leverage concepts like Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, The Unified Process, MoSCoW Method, progress traps, and outcome-based pricing.

I like to learn, solve problems, tinker, adjust, disassemble/rebuild, etc. I am always looking to make things simple. Simple is easy and simple works (E.g. lever, ramp, wedge, pulley, or screw).

"It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail." - Maslow


Developer & Consultant - SomeCodeiWrote LLC
January 2009 - present
Board Member, VP of Technology, Colorado American Marketing Association
March 2015 - June 2017
Co-Owner - Kingpin Performance LLC (An automotive based e-commerce)
2003 - 2008

Agencies I've Worked For

SomeCodeiWrote LLC

Education / Qualifications

AMA Web & Digital Analytics eLearning ModuleAMA Digital Content Marketing eLearning Module


B2B MarketingCSSCSS3Direct marketingE-mail marketing
HTML5Inbound marketingInternet MarketingJavaScriptjQuery
Marketing strategyPHPphpMyAdminSearch Engine OptimizationEmber JS

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Aaron Templer

Marketing Consultant

Nov 30th 2015
I've recommended Scott, hired Scott, and have the pleasure of working with S. on the Colorado American Marketing Association board where I serve as the President and S. our VP of Technology.

The website for the Colorado AMA isn’t just a place to get information about events and membership. It’s THE reflection of our brand. The most visible touchpoint where the marketing community decides if they can trust us as a place to go to develop marketing skills and build a network. Fixing the website and moving it into that place, with discretionary time, wasn’t an easy ask of anyone. Frankly I was scared that this would be an area where we’d just have to make do, something we’d have to work on over the course of years. S. erased that fear, taking our website beyond where I thought it could go. His work is top-shelf, also. There are no shortcuts, no easy ways out. Our site has never been so secure, effective, and sound. S. has found the features that matter, not wasting time on shiny objects.

As I write this we’re only half way through our year and S. has not only exceeded expectations with our site, but he’s become a valuable board member in many other ways. He leads by example. He’s a sharp marketer who looks to contribute in other ways. He cares. I can’t wait to work with S. professionally—I’m literally looking for clients that will give me that chance because he makes everyone around him look so good.
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Jason Kauffman

Broker/Owner at Uptown Mortgage - Denver

Dec 4th 2015
S. has the rare ability to marry design concepts with backend implementation to build websites that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. I would highly recommend S. and the services he provides.
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R. M.

Web Developer

Dec 4th 2015
Known S. for years. He's one of the smartest and enthusiastic developers I've ever worked with. He's a digital Einstein. A chef of the cyberspace if you will who takes all your vague ideas as ingredients and mixes them up into a virtual masterpiece. If you are looking for a knowledgable developer who understands many facets of this business such as SEO, marketing, responsive development, User experience, Content Management Systems and teamwork this is the guy.
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M. R.

Marketing and Graphic Design Professional

Dec 11th 2015
I've worked with Scotty on two occasions now, once for structural overhaul of an existing website, and once on a new build. He attacked both projects with energy and creativity. He is always very professional and thorough. I would recommend him to any one, especially a local small business or organization, who is looking for help with their website.
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C. M.

Graphic & Web Designer / Developer

Feb 4th 2016
Where do I even begin?! Scotty, is beyond a fantastic developer. Hands down.

He is a wizard at strategically building a website, and is one of the hardest workers I know. He will give you 110% every time, and there is nothing that will get in his way. He will figure out a way to get what you want, and probably do it better than you imagined.

There are very few that can match Scotty's Skill set and passion.
He is absolutely fantastic to work with!
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Patrick Haske

Director of MarComm at Jett

Feb 5th 2016
I've worked with many web developers over the years, and Scotty is by far the most professional, fair and great to work with. He loves to watch everyone succeed, even if they are not a client at the time. Scotty did some small jobs for me a couple years ago, and has kept in touch, supporting any questions and my person and professional growth ever since. Don't hire Scotty expecting just a web developer, as he holds himself to a standard that you would expect from someone with stock in your business to.
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John Barringer-CFP®

Managing Partner at Executive Wealth Planning Partners

Feb 5th 2016
S. took charge of my web marketing project and helped me produce a beautiful site that is powering my innovative financial services offering. The result, [you must be logged in to see this link], is creating exciting buzz throughout my market. I was impressed with how quickly S. learned my business and adapted his skills to the financial services regulatory environment.
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Kevin L. Mullin, MNM, CFRE

Fund Raising | Direct Marketing | Major Gifts | Planned Giving | Results.

Feb 8th 2016
Scotty is a get-it-done kind of web guy. This is important because it is hard to find people who are good at what they do, dependable, and just "get it." You can give him a project and he not only gets it done, but he handles the little things that so many others miss. If you need someone to help you build/maintain your website you can't go wrong with Scotty.
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J. D.

Professional Freelance Photographer & Editor

Mar 13th 2016
My admiration for the range and scope of Scott’s technical prowess along with his commitment to clean and effective design cannot be understated.
As a fellow web developer and designer, I find that he is my #1 go-to resource when I am facing a tricky technical obstacle, or seeking out advice on improving my approaches (both for my own work, and for the work I do for clients). He is not only an amazing customer consultant, but also a fantastic business consultant as well. He quickly identifies what the area most need of improvement is and then develops a thorough, efficient, and practical solution that is ready to implemented. After S. performs his magic for you and your company, you can literally watch your metrics/results change for the better, and at a surprisingly quick pace at that! You would be doing yourself, and your company, a huge favor by trusting in Scott’s experience and care with your digital projects.
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Meghan Saylor

Agile Marketer / VP of Mentorship

Aug 5th 2016
S. is the most talented developer I've ever worked with. His patience and grasp of my needs was a welcome relief. As a freelance digital marketer, I need my website to run seamlessly and look perfect at all times. It represents me and my brand to the world, after all! S. took me from good to STUNNING in just a few hours. Additionally, he sat with me and coached me on how to make and update changes myself, which was incredibly empowering. My limited knowledge of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap wasn't a barrier at all, and S explained everything in a way I could easily understand. In my opinion, he's the perfect combination of developer and computer scientist. His demeanor is incredibly humble and I will continue to seek his services for my work, as well as refer him to everyone I know!

Kim Kudasik

AMA Colorado

Aug 8th 2016
Working with Scotty has been a true pleasure. It is rare to find a developer with the level of marketing and business acumen that he possesses. Scotty doesn’t just provide solid website consultation—he understands the strategic role it plays in the development of your business. To say Scotty is thorough is an enormous understatement. He is far and away the most detail-oriented developer I have ever worked with, and he delivers a product that is both sound and scalable. He is always on the lookout for ways to improve and elevate our technology. Our organization is grateful to have him on our team.
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G. Crawford Leeds

Founder at Leeds Technologies

Aug 18th 2016
It was a pleasure working with Scotty on our new website. He was knowledgeable, accessible, and able to manage changing requirements throughout the project. His work added great value to my business and I look forward to working with him again in the future.
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Ivy Hastings

VP Strategy at Fusionbox

Oct 6th 2016
We’ve relied on Scotty for several projects and he’s fantastic! He is knowledgable, trustworthy, an excellent communicator and super easy to work with. We are so glad to have him as a resource.
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Jennifer Croft

SEO Stratgist / SEO Consultant

Dec 22nd 2016
I can’t say enough good things about Scotty! Because I’m in the SEO field, I’ve worked with dozens of website developers, and he’s the best, by far! He understands SEO and codes sites so that they have the best chance of getting to the top of Google. He’s responsive, easy to work with, and a great communicator. I spent years looking for someone with his skillset and commitment to quality work, and I’m glad I found him. Equally as important, I’m glad that he was flexible enough to work within my budget.
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Andrea Rabold

Executive Director at Mirror Image Arts

Dec 31st 2016
Working with S. is such a dream. He understands the nuanced needs of a small nonprofit, and is always willing to share his knowledge, resources and time in relationship to us achieving our goals. His customer service is extraordinary. We feel safe and taken care of by him. We appreciate him so much, we are looking for ways we can elevate our work together. Thank you, Scott, for your care, support and awesome personality!
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Emma Bullen

Marketing Manager at FreshGrade

Feb 14th 2017
When we started our website project, we gave S. the brief that we wanted our WordPress site to look pixel perfect and be easy to update and maintain. S. worked with our design team to do just that, building not only a website but also a comprehensive web standards guide and templates that are consistent and simple to reproduce.

We chose a Visual Composer to enable our editorial team to make changes to copy on the fly in layout. S. went the extra mile to help us understand how to use our new site and talked our development team through launching it. He made himself available to help with any issues post launch and has increased our knowledge of WordPress from absolute beginners to proficient users.

Working with S. has been an absolute pleasure and we’re thrilled with our new website.
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Melodi Sheppard

Business Finance | Business & Marketing Advisor | Business Investor | Entrepreneur

May 12th 2017
I've had the pleasure of working with S. at a very strategic level. His mastery of the web is greatly enhanced by his mastery of business and mastery of self. S. uses both sides of his brain, asks the right questions, and creates solutions in all realms that produce results. He is a true champion of a more usable web, and a straight up ninja when it comes to systems intelligence. He just has an innate ability to see the big picture at 30,000 feet, while masterfully architecting all the tiny little elements to connect the dots from A-Z. A truly strategic and creative mind, I'd recommend S. highly to any company looking to reach their highest potential.
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Kristi Guyer

The VideoConferenceStore

Oct 5th 2017
It's rare to come across talent like S. possess. He is one of the most creative and strategic thinkers I've met! He can work with you to provide a solution to any problem you may encounter. He’s open to any challenge and if he doesn’t have the answer top of mind, he’ll research and come back to you with options that will exceed your expectations. Whether it’s consulting on the big picture of your business or project, or getting into the fine details, he will always come back with facts and ideas to propel you farther than you imagined.

Nick H


Jun 24th 2018
I was very fortunate to H.ave met Scotty on this site when H.e kindly offered me some excellent advice on my website. Ever since then H.e H.as been my ‘go to guy’ for any technical questions that come up. H.e’s extremely knowledgable, gets back to you quickly, and H.e genuinely cares about H.elping people out and getting them the best results.

I would H.ighly recommend Scotty to any potential employers! :)
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