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Full Stack Developer and Project Manager

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My availability is variable and flexible. Please contact me for additional information.
Experience: 20 Years
Location: Portland, OR


I was hippie-born, raised on Science and Invention on a nuclear mesa, SCAdian before I knew the Society, Technomancer before I played the game, creative genius breaking the shackles of Corporate America.

Owner of tekAura, an Information Technology & Design Consultancy involved in projects concerning Human Dynamics & Sustainability in relation to Computing and Technology, Collective creativity & Hackerspaces, SaaS & Cloud Computing, Home & Manufacturing Automation.

​Artfully applies Sustainability, Disaster Recovery, Open Source and Agile Industry Best Practices to boost innovation and facilitate Organic Collaboration and Continuous Process Improvement.

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Data Migration for multiple ERP, MRP, CRM and CMS systemsData Integration between multiple systems to include, but not limited to Infusionsoft, Bullhorn, Gravity Forms, Wordpress REST API, MySQL, PCR, Proprietary systems, Knack, Salesforce, Shopify, Insightly, Zoho, Quickbooks, Infusionsoft, Streak, PipelineDeals, SugarCRM, Podio, TrelloCMS/LAMP Installation and Maintenance including, but not limited to Drupal, Wordpress, OpenERP, including several Javascript and Python Web frameworks such as React, Django, Angular, Laravel, Symfony and othersExtensive Project Managment expertise working with multiple resources to properly assess and mitigate risks, achieve project primary goals, track and plan resources and make adjustments, as necessary. Worked with several different methodologies to include, but not limited to Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, RAD, Prince2, Kanban & Six Sigma.Experienced with Linux Server Administration, including setup, maintenance, RAID, Networking, including CISCO and HP Switching, V-LANs, Configuration Management such as Puppet and Juju, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) systems such as OpenStack, AWS & OpenShift

Agencies I've Worked For

We Wired WebApiantRecruiters LogicEbay EnterpriseCounting My SpoonsHilary Stoddard Design LLC
Invidious Marketing Inc. JCDALovin CommunityRoplast, IncMegan DensmoreNerdy Connections
Once CoupledPeeridea, IncReadyEdgeGoStrategic Marketing PartnersTori Avey

Education / Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Networking Technology Master of Science in Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Amazon Web ServicesAPI DevelopmentAPI DocumentationBlender3DBusiness intelligenceBusiness IT AlignmentBusiness Proposal WritingCitrix XenServerCRMCrystal ReportsCSS3Dropbox APIDrupalEclipseFacebook APIFacebook MarketingGIMPGit
GitHubGoogle Maps APIHelp deskHome AutomationIntuit QuickBooksITILIT Service ManagementJ2EEJavaJavaScriptLinkedIn APILinux System AdministrationMicrosoft Dynamics CRMMicrosoft ProjectNode.jsPascalPHPProject management
PythonRESTSEO Keyword ResearchSnagItSOAPsoapUISugarCRMtechnical analysisTechnical DocumentationTechnical SupportTechnical writingWordPressYouTube MarketingZoho CRMDigital Project ManagementAngularJSReact JS


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