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Voiceover Talent - Male Voice Actor

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Experience: 20 Years
Location: Worldwide


A rich, deep, warm voice brings inspiration and trust to commercials and narrations. With a simple change of attitude, that deep voice can become menacing and dark. The perfect voice for Movie Trailers. Ask for gravel or no gravel. Here are just a few of the many projects that he has completed.

Discovery Channel's "Highway Thru Hell" & "Airshow"
Roger's Sportsnet "Draft Year"
National Geographic's - "American Daredevils"

Commercial Voice:
Tourism Ecuador, Panasonic, Tempurpedic, Suncor, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Bushnell, Kawasaki,

Video Game/Trailer:
Valiant Hearts (Trailer and Narrator), SSX (PS3)


Voice acting


Primary: Sound / Music

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