R. D.

Project Manager

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Available for Skype interviews on demand: rdolishny

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Experience: 10 Years
Location: Toronto, ON


Champion of innovation and technology and the joy of experiencing both.

Digital Project Manager highly engaged in health care, IT, entertainment and education.

R. possesses a thorough working knowledge of requirement documents, wireframing, software development lifecycle, as well as waterfall and scrum project management. He has an understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and emerging technologies. There is no SEO/SEM challenge that he has not conquered. UX design, prototyping and testing.

R. has significant experience in engaging and leading highly distributed project teams, a very typical situation faced by middle managers these days. He is also an expert on a system called [you must be logged in to see this link] which incorporates online communication and collaboration tools that are in demand to promote collaboration and clear, documented communication in corporate teams.

Skilled Project Management Professional and administrator of Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk. Extensive experience with Microsoft Office including Project, Word and Excel. Quick and accurate wireframing with Balsamiq. Agile software and web project management with Pivotal Tracker or Jira.

Earned a Certificate of Project Management from the University of Toronto.


goUconnect, Boston. Support Analyst. ardeeXYZ, Peterborough. Virtual Reality Animation Studio. Durham College, Oshawa. Instructor. Multi-Media Specialist. BlushDrop, Peterborough. Founder. DIY wedding video for internet-savvy couples. Pinepost Productions, Oshawa. Post Production Manager. FoundationLab.co, Boston. Project Administrator. CIS, Vancouver. 3D Layout / Generalist.

Agencies I've Worked For


Education / Qualifications

University of Toronto School of Business, Project Managment
Durham College, Adult Learning
Durham College, Web Application DevelopmentRyerson University, Media Arts


Master Production ScheduleMicrosoft ProjectProject management
VFX AnimationWebsite WireframingDigital Project Management


President, Toronto Animated Image SocietyMentor, Dreamcatcher Mentoring


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Andy Edwards

Project Manager

Feb 2nd 2016
It has been a pleasure getting to know and working with Rick. He is reliable, quick at problem solving and has a special skill set for organization. He led some organizational changes at our company that have been invaluable to our success. If your looking for a loyal go-getter, R. is your guy!
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Justin Vandergaast

Cameraman/DOP at Pine Post Productions

Feb 11th 2016
R. is the type of person who looks at the big picture. He knows how to bring people and resources together to get things done. His ability to think quickly and 'outside the box' under pressure is top notch!. I'd recommend him in a heart beat.
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R. F.

geek & consultant

Aug 11th 2017
R. is a talented project manager but I wanted to recommend him based on his ability to do 3d game modelling. During PTBO Game Jam 03, R. put himself out at the event as an art "floater" (someone that helps multiple teams in their endeavour of making a game in a short timeframe, doing the art / modeling). R. was not only attentive and talented, but spot on with his designs.

I realize that R. isn't necessarily looking to take on freelance modelling work, but I absolutely would work with him again in a heartbeat and since I discovered he's here, I thought it would be ideal to let the world know that he is a capable and talented artist.


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