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Web Designer / Developer

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While I'm always available for work, I'm usually very busy. Please don't hesitate in contacting me because 99% of the time, I will make our schedules work.

Off-site work only, please - I need to be available in case of client emergencies.
Experience: 12 Years
Location: Baltimore, MD


Designer by heart, programmer by trade. I've done everything from Flash/HTML5 banners to full-site design and development using Wordpress or Symphony. My experience lies in the entertainment industry, creating websites and rich media banners for large film and television productions - however, I can easily work in any industry.

As a former senior art director, I moved on to create my own business, Firestride Media - which has certifications in both the Doubleclick and Sizmek ad platforms.


Founder, Lead Creative
Firestride Media
Jan 10 - Present
Online Art Director
Deadline Advertising
April 08 - Jan 10
Senior Flash Designer
Palisades Media Group
Sept 06 - April 08
Multimedia Developer
Penn State University
Jan 05 - Aug 06

Agencies I've Worked For

Firestride Media
Deadline Advertising
Palisades Media Group

Education / Qualifications

Doubleclick Certification
Sizmek Certification


ActionScript 2ActionScript 3Adobe After EffectsAdobe FlashAdobe Illustrator
Adobe PhotoshopBanner Ad DesignCSSCSS3Google Analytics
HTMLHTML5JavaScriptPHPWebsite Development


2010 Key Art : 3 Awards
2010 CIA : 3 Awards
2010 IAC : 3 Awards
2009 Key Art : 2 Awards
2009 Web Marketing : 1 Award
2008 Key Art : 1 Award
2007 W3 : 2 Awards

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