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Experience: 24 Years
Location: Munich, DE


C. C. is an expert for Social Media, digital-marketing and a specialist for strategic brand-management on the Internet.

He started his own business at the age of 19, actively shaping the digital revolution in the beginning of the 90s. Starting in 1991 he developed interactive multimedia-applications on CD-ROM and later programmed websites like the Apple Live site in 1996.

Since more than 20 years C. C. acts as a keynote-speaker and trainer, already captivated thousands of peoples with his speeches. For more than ten years he worked for Apple as a new-media-evangelist, marketing-consultant and advisor, as well as being a speaker and presenter on countless international expos, conferences and tradeshows.

C. is also the co-founder and owner of »coma2 e-branding« an agency for digital brand leadership« since 1997, realizing sophisticated online-marketing-solutions and social-media-campaigns for international premium-brands on the highest aesthetic and technical level.

His clients are well-known brands like Apple, Hugo Boss, JOOP!, Triumph International, Schiesser, Strellson, OLYMP, Microsoft, Siemens or the Deutsche Telekom.


8 years Social Media Marketing20 years of Internet Marketing24 years Digital Branding Apple Multimedia Evangelist

Agencies I've Worked For

coma2 e-brandingMedialab AGPlan.Net
ServiceplanHeye & PartnerBBDO
RG Wiesmeier

Education / Qualifications

Professional Keynote Speaker20 years Internet Marketing 8 years Social Media Marketing


AdvertisingArt DirectionBrand ConsultingBrand Management
Facebook MarketingMarketing strategyProject managementPublic speaking
Social Media MarketingWebsite DevelopmentDigital Strategy

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