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Currently working on in-progress projects, but available for work. Please contact me to see if I can accommodate your projects.
Experience: 8 Years
Location: Perth, AU


I'm a freelance illustrator who specialises in children's illustration, but I am capable of working across a wide range of projects. I have previously worked in educational publishing, as well as on picture books, memoirs, portraiture and book cover design. I am able to work traditionally in watercolour, graphite, ink and coloured pencil, or digitally using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Clip Studio Pro/Manga Studio. I am also proficient in Adobe inDesign and offer typesetting services. Please contact me if you have any queries.


Freelance illustrator for over 50 books for ReadyEd Publications 2010 – presentIllustrator for Sioban Timmer's 'Toughen Up, Princess', published by Jasper Books, 2014Cover Illustration for Barbara Gurney's 'Life's Shadows', published by Gininderra Press (2015)Freelance Designer/Illustrator at Burswood Health Professionals, creating posters, Ideal Posture Program, Christmas cards and other projects (2009 – Present)Freelance Illustrator/Graphic Designer for the Kelmscott Agricultural Society 2009 – 2013, creating graphics for five shows with themes 'Year of Astronomy (2009)', 'Year of Biodiversity (2010)', 'The Circle of Life' (2011), 'Life on the Farm' (2012), 'Colours of Nature' (2013)Cover Illustrations for K A Merikan's 'Scavengers' series (2013)Various wedding stationary designs 2009 – PresentIllustrations, Cover and Typesetting for Aileen McKay's 'Memoirs by an Older Sister' (2012)Freelance Portraiture for various clients (2004 – Present)Freelance Illustrator at Quality Publications (2012)Four posters on Shakespearean language for FutureTrack Australia (2007)

Education / Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts, Design (Illustration) Curtin University of Technology 2007Design (Hons) Curtin University of Technology 2008Certificate 2 in Business Studies, TAFE WA 2002


Adobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopBook Cover Design
Graphic designIllustrationPhoto Editing
TypesettingWatercolor PaintingBook Design


Best Portfolio in Illustration Design, Curtin University 2007Vice Chancellor's List, Curtin University 2008


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