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Lifestyle photographer

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Contact me via email/LocalSolo and we can discuss your needs & my current availability. I'm available for work in Germany and if that's appropriate for the project I'm also willing to travel for work.
Experience: 6 Years
Location: Munich, DE


Lifestyle photographer. I love creating aesthetic, high quality images and my passion is telling visual stories that inspire people. I focus on hospitality and lifestyle photography- subjects such as interiors, food, travel & people and my images are usually used for branding and marketing. My aim in photography is to capture authentic life in a beautiful and appealing way (think beautiful colors and interesting details, captured natural emotions and unfolding narratives) and to use my skills to help others to tell their unique story. If you feel I could help you and your brand, please don't hesitate to contact me. I also work with clients from abroad.

I'm Lithuanian, currently living & working in Munich, Germany.


Adobe LightroomAdobe Photoshop
Photo EditingPhotograph Color Correction
PhotographyStyling - Food


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