R. M.

Web Developer

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Experience: 2 Years
Location: Raleigh-Durham, NC


The definition of the role that I've played over the course of my career has changed at every single job I've had. It starts out simple enough but as soon as I get comfortable the technology changes. Sometimes slightly and sometimes enough that I've had to re-evaluate my role. Thats one of the things I like about this business. Because of this I've gotten the opportunity to learn several languages, techniques, ways of looking at what I'm building and lots of soft skills. Each have benefited me in some way.

I'm interested in both fR. t-end and back-end technologies and how they work together. I'm a full-stack developer at my core and Javascript has been my language of choice.

My past stack has included Angular, Node, JS, PHP, Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3.


Marketing Technology Inc. - FR. t-End DeveloperRetriever Software - Javascript and PHP developerCapstrat - Wordpress developerCLVR - Full Stack Developer

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Metropolitan State University / Bachelor of Science Computer Information Systems




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S. S.

Developer and Consultant

Dec 22nd 2015
R. is an amazing developer and problem solver. His fundamental understanding of what object oriented means to programming may well be his best asset. Ron’s ability to break a problem down into easy to overcome steps is fantastic to watch. His tactical approach allows him to do much more with less, which is ideal in a programmer.

He manages problems with grace and skill. In a time when developers often look to show off the code they have written, R. remains focused on the task at hand: overcoming this obstacle and moving to the next. His skill set would add value to any development team.

Some of my favorite and best projects were things I built side by side with Ron. I look forward to anytime we can tackle something together.

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