M. R.

Marketing and Graphic Design Professional

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My focus is in print layout, digital media creation, logos, and social media campaigns.

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Experience: 8 Years
Location: Denver, CO


My name is M. R. and I am a marketing and graphic design professional. I’ve been working across the country for the past seven years creating marketing and graphic content and layout for a variety of clients.

I enjoy the challenge of tackling print layout issues, creating optimized digital graphics for the online experience, and photographing people and landscapes alike.

I am currently located in Denver, Colorado and enjoy hiking, snowboarding, napping…and creating.


Humphries Poli Architects - Marketing Manager and Graphic Design - 2011-present (Denver, CO)Wallace Roberts and Todd, LLC - Marketing Coordinator / Graphic Design - 2008-2011 (Philadelphia, PA)Freelance Graphic Design - 2011 - present

Agencies I've Worked For

American Institute of Architects Colorad
Ambient Energy
Private Clients

Education / Qualifications

Villanova University, BS Marketing, Communication Minor


Adobe Creative SuiteBook Cover DesignBusiness Proposal Writing
Graphic designLogo DesignPrezi
Print Layout DesignSocial Media Marketing


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S. S.

Developer and Consultant

Dec 22nd 2015
I’ve worked with M. on a few projects and she is simply a joy to work with. She is to the point and direct. M. knows when it is time for flexibility, and when it is time for a hard deadline. She clearly communicates what she wants and needs, and what the priority is for each item. What may sound simple is a very rare find. Having such concise and to the point direction allows work to get done much more efficiently.

Add to all this that she is a tremendous designer - a full skill set in it’s own right. I’ll work with M. on any project, at any given time, because I know it will be a project that goes well.

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