J. D.

Professional Freelance Photographer & Editor

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Always seeking new freelance projects.
Experience: 6 Years
Location: New York City, NY


Take your identity’s game to the next level with professional, high-resolution, full-frame, DSLR photography. Lighting, composition, and color are the building blocks of creating quality, on-trend images that resonate with you, connect with your audience, evoke feelings, and cultivate necessity. From capturing exciting live events on location to staged portrait sessions in my private studio, a variety of expert shooting and post-processing services are available with fast turnaround times at competitive prices with friendly service. Make every piece of your content ‘Insta-worthy’ with a professional photoshoot! #dontphoneitin!


Owner/Co-Founder of Bushwick Creative LLC

Agencies I've Worked For

Apple One

Education / Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts : Visual Communication
Collins College
Tempe, AZ
Associate of Arts : Digital Video Production
Collins College
Tempe, AZ
Apple Certified Support ProfessionalApple Certified Technical CoordinatorApple Certified Associate


Adobe Creative SuiteAdobe IllustratorAdobe LightroomAdobe Photoshop
Art DirectionMicrostock PhotographyPhoto EditingPhotograph Color Correction
PhotographyPhoto ManipulationPhotography Post ProductionPhotography Retouching


(2020) Grand Prize Winner "Women in Business" Photography Contest on [you must be logged in to see this link]


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Orville Broomfield

ultra shower head

Feb 15th 2016
J. was a pleasure to work with,
she promise use 50 pictures that we can choose from when we uploaded the photo it was over 70 pictures . This was
ready in 48 hour about 3 days a head our schedule deadline . Love our final product pictures. My vision of our product came to life in J. studio. looking forward to with her on other projects.
Thanks J. love offer pictures.

Adam Douglass

Adam Douglass

Feb 16th 2016
J.D. completely overhauled my website and provided me with the graphic design of my logo and promotional material. Her work is so incredibly remarkable, that my business would certainly not have reached the level it is currently at without her. Having a professional appearance on the Internet is paramount in today's economy, and working with her brought what I do not only to the next level up; but several levels. J.D. also advised me with how to make my social media campaigns more effective so that I can get more traffic to my website from the sites that my target market use.

Fred Sanborn

fred the wonder chicken

Feb 16th 2016
I hired Jinn before she had much experience in IT and paid to have her trained because I could tell she had great, raw talent. She learned a lot in a short period of time and handled my company's server needs very well. It was so smooth with her I didn't need to know what was going on. What a blessing!

By the way, the name here is fake because I didn't want to give them my personal info just to give my recommendation. Geez, why does every website think they have the right to demand so much personal info?
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Bryan Stewart


Feb 17th 2016
"Wonderful graphic design work for many of the bands I have played in. J. worked on album layouts, button designs, logos, website layout, flyers and t-shirt designs. I was very satisfied by her quick service and ability to capture the look and feel I wanted for a design. I plan to have future design work done by her.
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S. S.

Developer and Consultant

Feb 19th 2016
Talent powerhouse does not begin to describe Jinnifer. A phenom of creative energy and a skilled tactician, the one mistake you can make with J. is to underestimate her.

Exceptionally driven and motivated, I am amazed at the volume she produces. Regardless of the task or medium, J. simply excels. Bar none, I can not think of a single individual whose skill set reaches quite so far.

Savvy, agile, quick witted and well spoken, I enjoy the intellectual banter J. always brings to the table. She understand concepts and breaks them down so sharply, that all around her are better for her presence. If J. is on a project, you can be assured that success is the only outcome.

I could not say enough to ever capture the brilliance that is her lightning in a bottle. Stacked against any talent pool I would gladly pick J. over the entire lot.

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