D. O.


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I work a full-time schedule, though availability varies from week to week. In general, I'm unable to take on last-minute requests.
Experience: 15 Years
Location: Boston, MA


I'm a seasoned, detail-oriented copywriter who has worked in marketing, journalism, consulting and publishing. I have deep experience writing website content, email campaigns, blogs/features, brochures, e-books, fundraising appeals and other marketing collateral. My top fields are healthcare, higher education, consumer/retail, technology of various types and nonprofits. And as you can probably tell, I prefer not to use serial commas.

Education / Qualifications

College of the Holy Cross
BA, Political Science
Boston University College of Communication
MS, Mass Communication


AP Style WritingArticle WritingBlog Writing
Business WritingContent WritingCopywriting
Data Sheet Writingebook WritingMedical Writing
Newsletter Writing


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