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Professional Website/Graphic Designer, Composer, Producer, Lyricist, Singer, Voice Overs and more...

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Experience: 25 Years
Location: San Diego, CA


VP New York Design Studio, whose owner is now ranked #1 in NY on Local Solo!

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Strong proficiency in Mac and Mac applications as applied to design for print and web, many years of outside sales to Reps and up to CEO’s, public speaking, copy writing, original music creation, recording, mixing and mastering, video editing. Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, Photo Editing, Online Marketing, Social Creation/Expansion, Live Audio/Video Streaming, Garageband, iMovie, Quicktime, Audacity, Voice Overs and more. I am a problem solver and an idea guy, especially with creation and implementation of marketing campaigns and branding strategies.

I possess professional, original design and editing skills, strong in client relations, excellent written/oral skills, strong organizational skills, among others. Many years of being on stage as lead singer/guitarist for live bands (while simultaneously running my businesses) provides me the ability to remain calm under pressure as well as dealing with clients directly, from sales reps to CEOs. Self released 5 albums (available online everywhere).

I pride myself on setting and achieving goals, even more so on my business and personal ethics. I always deliver on time and on budget.


The US CapitalParamount PicturesWarner Brothers FilmsRitz Carlton Hotels

Agencies I've Worked For

NY Design Studio
Multimedia Solutions Corp
SG Design Group

Education / Qualifications

BFA Graphic DesignAudio EngineeringElectrical Engineering


Adobe Creative SuiteBrand ManagementGraphic designInternet Marketing
Marketing strategyMusic ArrangementMusical compositionMusic Producing
Social Media MarketingVoice actingWeb designWeb Design


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