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Experience: 7 Years
Location: Worldwide


My interest always lie in design and implement services and products that do solve real problems, tools that could make life easier for people.

I have been open source software specialist and strategist for 7 years focusing majorly on the Drupal CMS, MeteorJS (since 2013), AngularJS (since 2013), Meteor-Drupal(CMS) integration, Angular-Drupal integration and Mobile App development using Titanium and Famo.us platforms.

I have build more than 20 iPhone/iPad/Android, social-networking/e-commerce/ media apps. In past I have worked with Verizon, Intel, Popcornapps, Lullabot, CommerceGuys and CivicActions building several large-scale Drupal-integrated mobile applications, including the Kickstart mobile commerce, Drupalize.Me and Do It With Drupal conference app.

I am very passionate about everything I do and try to bring the same enthusiasm to my projects. I have been a presenter at 4 DrupalCons and several DrupalCamps, advocating Drupal as a mobile application cloud-based backend. I was a Google Summer of Code student for Drupal in 2008, and is managing the whole program since after. I have also written a book about use of iPad and Teaching.

Mobile Application Developer, Senior Web Developer, Tech Lead for many large scale projects. Particularly interested in Open Source, Drupal CMS, iPhone/iPad/Android Apps, Web 2.0, Mobile Web. Always interested in Linux, Web Development, NGOs, Making this world a better place :-)

You can hire me for:

* Standalone MeteorJS (Web and Mobile) app
* AngularJS Drupal (CMS) integration
* MeteorJS Drupal (CMS) integration
* Standalone MeteorJS / Angular reactive applications
* Famo.us JS based mobile app development
* Titanium based mobile app development

Specialties: Drupal, MeteorJS, Famo.us, AngulaJS, MongoDB, Nginx, Titanium, Mobile E-commerce, Web , PHP, Linux, iPhone and Android Apps, IPTV


Accelerator TitaniumDrupaleCommerce Consulting
HTML5MeteorMobile App Development

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