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Front-End / UI Web Developer

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Experience: 12 Years
Location: Worldwide


I'm a full stack web developer using Javascript (Node.js, Express.js, Angular.js and MongoDB).

I always worked as Front-End / UI Web developer and I fit very well with every kind of Back-End technologies like: .Net, Java, PHP, Rails, etc...

I started 12 years ago as web designer, then I switched back-end developer (asp, asp.net, c#) and after a couple of years I've been fascinated about HTML, CSS and Javascript and I started to focus all my energies in these technologies.

I'm based in London but I use to move a lot between France, Italy, Switzerland, etc...
I work remotely most of the time, 6 days per week, early morning to 5pm and always available to extend if required.

I'm also looking to join a Company as permanent because it will be nice at this point of my career to focus my skills and energies for a single Company only. If there will be the chance to join it will be very nice otherwise I will keep working as freelancer as I did in the past 7 years.

My rates are outstanding: between 200 and 250 £ daily as contractor and I expect annual salary around 40/45k £ as permanent.


GameAccount Network
I managed several gambling websites: Betfair, Moneygaming, Konami, William Hill, Foxwoods, etc...
I did a lot of bug fixing, created new contents, restyling of existing websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, Grunt and integrating my code with Java.
Wahooti Fandango
I created from scratch two different tablet applications for Barclays and AEG.
Both the Customers are currently using my application.
I used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, Node, ExpressJS, MongoDB, jQuery, Open Auth.
Immediate Media
I managed and created a new style for all their active websites.
They manage all the BBC Magazine website like: Loveyourhair, Youandyourwedding, Radiotimes, etc...
I used HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS and I integrated my code with .Net.

Agencies I've Worked For

GameAccount NetworkWahooti FandangoImmediate Media
BBCRed BadgerHow Splendid
William HillMicrosoftSiemens


PHPRESTRuby on RailsTest Driven DevelopmentAngularJSExpressJS

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