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Marketing and Growth Consultant

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Experience: 15 Years
Location: San Francisco, CA


Whether you are looking for a content producer to generate new leads, feedback on your marketing plan, or someone to help with digital marketing / user acquisition / demand gen, I can help! Receive a focused infusion of growth to get to your next major milestone without the cost and time commitment of on-boarding a new employee.

With 10 years of experience growing startups, nonprofits, and demand generation programs, I can help you hit your first major milestones.

Results of projects I've assisted with:
-Increased online web visits 25% and inbound MQL leads by 150% for marketing automation software.
-Managed marketing team and agency relationships to generate leads through video marketing & email content.
-Grew email list 200% by adding list segmentation & persona content pathways.
-Increased email open rate to 30% by optimizing templates and writing creative subject lines.

I have a wide depth of familiarity with marketing automation and CRM systems including Microsoft CRM/ERP, Salesforce, Hubspot CRM & Marketing Automation, Exact Target, Microsoft Power BI, Leftronics, Geckoboard, and Google Analytics & Data Studio.

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Education / Qualifications

Inbound Marketing Certification, HubspotBachelor of Science in Marketing, University of Arizona


B2B MarketingBusiness AnalysisData analysisGoogle Analytics
Inbound marketingMarketing strategySocial Media MarketingStrategic planning
Website AnalyticsDigital StrategyContent Strategy


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