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Illustrator and Concept Artist

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Experience: 4 Years
Location: Seattle, WA


I’m an artist, a creator, and storyteller. I’ve been helping to craft worlds for the games and entertainment industry since late 2011. In that time I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with a number of clients on a handful of properties including Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, Heroes of Newerth, Hellfire: The Summoning, The Lord of the Rings TCG, and more. When I’m not helping to build other people’s worlds you can find me hard at work on my first horror IP: ‘The Precipice’.


Marketing Illustrator: Ubisoft - Assassins's Creed Rogue, Unannounced IPEnvironment Illustrator: Frostburn Studios - Heroes of NewerthEnvironment Illustrator: S2 Games - Heroes of NewerthConcept Artist/Illustrator: Incarnate Games - Unannounced IPIllustrator: DeNA - Hellfire The SummoningIllustrator: Dire Wolf Digital - Unannounced IP'sIllustrator: Fantasy Flight Games - "The Road Darkens" Lord of the Rings saga tabletop expansion.Environment Concept Artist: Glu Mobile - Unannounced IP

Agencies I've Worked For

Ubisoft EntertainmentFrostburn StudiosIncarnate Games
S2 GamesDeNADire Wolf Digital
Fantasy Flight GamesGlu Mobile

Education / Qualifications

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design / B.F.A. Illustration


2D DesignAdobe PhotoshopAlbum Cover Design
CG ArtworkCharacter DesignConcept Artistry
Digital paintingGame DevelopmentIllustration
Book Design


CGSociety DMP 3rd place April (2015)CGSociety DMP 3rd place January (2015)CGSociety DMP 2nd place September (2014)Blizzard Entertainment “Diablo 3: Portrait of a Champion” grand prize (2012)Scholastics Art and Writing Awards: National Gold Key in Drawing (2008)


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